the cartel tv series

Don Winslow‘s acclaimed Cartel Trilogy is headed to the small screen. FX has picked up the rights to adapt the series, based on Winslow’s bestselling trilogy of novels following DEA agent Art Keller through 45 years of America’s long-running war on drugs.

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The Josh Brolin-starring, Asger Leth-directed Cartel could be this year’s Moneyball. Universal has just killed the picture, reportedly over concerns about several issues: budget, script and the logistics of shooting a drug-oriented drama in Mexico. Read More »


Two pretty tasty bits of casting today. First up, it’s that big reunion of the cast from The Soloist we’ve all been waiting for! Jamie Foxx has joined the cast of Due Date, the next movie from Todd Phillips. That’ll put him back in the frame with Robert Downey Jr., and this time in a matchup that people might actually want to see. Because the Oscar-baity Soloist is well and good, but seeing the two bounce off each other in a comedy sounds a lot more appealing. Though we may not see too much of Foxx and Downey together, as he plays “Downey’s longtime pal, who once dated his wife (Michelle Monaghan) and secretly keeps in touch with her.” Ruh-roh. Due Date has RDJ as a high-strung guy trying to get home in time for the birth of his child, which pushes him to hitch a ride with a slacker (Zach Galifianakis). Hijinks ensue. [THR]

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Sean Penn Backs Out of Three Stooges and Cartel


Did the notion of Sean Penn playing Larry in a new Three Stooges movie directed by the Farrelly Brothers seem too crazy/good/ridiculous/awful to be true? Now it is, as THR reports Penn has pulled out of both that movie and Cartel, the film in which he would have played a man out to protect his son after Mexican drug cartels kill his wife. Read More »