Fugitive Dreams Trailer

For most of this year, film festivals haven’t been what they used to be. While some have simply been canceled in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, others fortunate enough to arrive later in the year are doing the best they can with limited theatrical screenings and many virtual premieres. One of those festivals is Fantasia, which will see the (virtual) world premiere of filmmaker Jason Neulander‘s feature directorial debut Fugitive Dreams.

Based on Caridad Svich‘s play Fugitive Pieces, the film follows two lost souls who form a surprising bond with each other as they confront their traumatic pasts while drifting across the American Midwest, meeting a handful of intriguing characters along the way, some real, and some maybe inside their imagination. /Film is exclusively debuting the first Fugitive Dreams trailer before the film’s Fantasia premiere at the end of the month, and it will undoubtedly pique your curiosity about the story. Read More »