Cannes Film Festival 2021

Update 1/27/21: This year’s festival has officially been delayed until July 2021. Get more details below.

The Cannes Film Festival is usually held in May, but the 2021 fest is said to be considering a delay until July – or maybe even August. COVID-19 is still a very serious concern and organizers are said to have completely given up on the idea of holding the festival in May this year. Last year the festival was delayed and then canceled due to the coronavirus.

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canes 2020 lineup revealed

Cannes is still canceled, but the prestigious festival still decided to announce the films they planned to screen this year. Now, many of the films that played will now be able to use their Cannes selection to their advantage even if they won’t get to screen at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. The Cannes 2020 lineup includes Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, the Pixar film Soul, the Train to Busan sequel Penninsula, and more.

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cannes 2020 official selection

Despite the hopes and dreams of those involved, this year’s Cannes Film Festival is still canceled (or canneselled, if you will). The fest had been hoping to simply delay the event to a later date this summer, but at long last, festival director Thierry Frémaux is admitting defeat. However, the book isn’t closed yet on Cannes 2020. While there will be no festival – not even a digital version – Fremaux says there are still plans to announce the Cannes 2020 Official Selection this June.

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cannes 2020

The Cannes Film Festival is in limbo at the moment, and it’s becoming more and more likely that the fest just isn’t going to happen this year. The Cannes organizers previously announced that the fest’s original dates of May 12 through 23 were canceled, but there was still some hope the fest could be held at a later date – preferably late June or early July.

However, France’s coronavirus lockdown has just been extended, which has effectively killed that idea. However, the folks involved with Cannes are still not ready to give up the ghost just yet, and are hoping to stage some form of the festival this year. Meanwhile, Germany’s Munich Film Festival, which was scheduled for late June, has been canceled entirely.

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coronavirus concerns

Everything, from the stock market to businesses to the fragile state of various American institutions, has taken a hit from the coronavirus epidemic, which has continued to rapidly spread throughout the world. One of the industries to take a hit is the entertainment industry, resulting in delayed movie releases, falling box office numbers, and a reshuffling of the yearly film festival schedule.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control have advised the elderly, as well as groups with underlying medical conditions, to “avoid crowds” and “stay home as much as possible” in the case of an outbreak of their communities. According to agency, the elderly are twice as likely to develop a serious disease if they catch COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. This is sending ripples throughout all industries, including the movie, stage, and even TV industries. Here is an update on how coronavirus concerns are affecting how we get our entertainment.

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cannes 2019 lineup

The Cannes 2019 lineup has been announced for the prestigious film festival’s 72nd annual outing. The official selection so far includes films by Terrence Malick (A Hidden Life), Pedro Almodovar (Pain & Glory), and Bong Joon ho (Parasite), as well as Dexter Fletcher‘s high-profile Elton John biopic Rocketman, which is set to make its debut with John himself making an appearance on the Croisette.

But most notably, 12 of the 47 films announced Thursday are directed by women (one co-directed by two women), with four of those films up for competition for the Palme D’Or. While this is an exciting uptick from last year’s male-dominated selection, it is still a weak number considering the festival’s decision to put Agnes Varda on its official poster in honor of the legendary French New Wave filmmaker’s passing.

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Cannes feud

A battle between Netflix and France’s Cannes Film Festival has been raging since 2017, but are we finally seeing the first signs of a possible peace between the two entities?

Earlier this week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings admitted that Netflix “made mistakes” during the streaming service’s tussle with the prestigious French film festival, marking the first time that anyone on either side has blinked in this particular staring contest. Read Hastings’ full comment about Netflix’s Cannes feud below. Read More »

The Netflix-Free Cannes 2018 Lineup Is Here

Cannes 2018 lineup

Bonjour! The good folks at the Cannes Film Festival put down their delicious French pastries this morning long enough to announce the Cannes 2018 lineup, full of wonderful looking films that will eventually make their way into select theaters before ending up on VOD. Thus is the nature of the beast. Behold the Cannes 2018 lineup below.

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Cannes Film Festival Solo Premiere

The Cannes Film Festival likes to act like they’re super high-brow, but they’re not above throwing a bone to a popcorn movie or two. Case in point: this year, Ron Howard‘s Solo: A Star Wars Story will make its debut at the prestigious festival. More on the Cannes Film Festival Solo premiere below.

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Problems with Netflix

This year’s Cannes Film Festival came to end a few days ago, but ripple effects from events that transpired there will be felt on the French fest in the years to come. You may have heard about the controversy that arose surrounding Netflix’s involvement there, and today Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has spoken more about what went down.

You might have also noticed that the streaming service is notorious for being generous with second season renewals for their original series, but Hastings mentioned today that he’d actually like to cancel more of their original shows. Yes, you read that correctly.

Read on for the latest on the Netflix Cannes controversy and to learn what Hastings meant by that cancelation comment.
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