Do you know what’s cooler than $140 million dollars? Anything more. And that’s what Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are trying to get from Facebook, more than the $140 million their initial settlement entitled them too.

The twins, who play a major role in David Fincher’s film The Social Network, were back in court this week arguing that they were swindled by their 2008 settlement. The film itself reported that the settlement the Winklevosses signed was for $65 million but apparently now its worth more along the lines of double that, probably thanks to the success of Facebook and their resulting stock options. Even so, soon after they signed the deal, the twins were so upset that they accused the lawyers who helped them sign that settlement of malpractice, and lost.

Now this week Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, played by Armie Hammer in the soon to be Oscar-nominated film, were back in court and it doesn’t look good. Read more details after the break. Read More »