Warner Archive is fast becoming one of the more valuable facets of the DVD landscape. the company is Warner Bros.’ method for direct-marketing the DVD and digital release of many films that have artistic and cultural value, but no great commercial prospects.

Is Warner Archive now poised to bring a group of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons packed with racial caricatures, the so-called Censored Eleven, to DVD? One report out of the New York Comic Con says yes, but a more official statement from Warner Home Video says ‘not yet. Read More »


WB has seemed like it has a pretty good handle on how to revive the classic stable of Looney Tunes characters. There are three short 3D Road Runner shorts running in front of films this summer and fall, which actually look funny, and a new TV series. The stuff doesn’t look amazing, but it also doesn’t look tragic. Given that these characters will inevitably be revived no matter what we hope for, ‘not tragic’ is a start.

But now WB is planning a live-action / CGI hybrid Bugs Bunny film. Which doesn’t have to be a travesty. But I can’t help but see images of WB’s Yogi Bear dancing in my eyes when I think about this project. Or maybe those are just tears. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Splatter Exhibition in London

jCauty&SON are holding a Splatter exhibition at The Aquarium in London. The multi-media art show focuses on “the plausible impossibility of death in the mind of cartoon characters”.

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