You didn’t expect Christian Bale to issue a statement after his tirade against DP Shane Hurlbut got leaked onto the interwebs yesterday, did you? Terminator Salvation assistant director and associate producer Bruce Franklin has now gone on record with E! Online with a proper explanation for what happened – Bale’s outburst was okay because it was the most emotional scene in the movie

And anyone in Hollywood knows, if you’re an actor who gets distracted during an intense scene, you have every right to go on a verbal tirade for up to three and a half minutes (the amount of time specified in the DGA and SAG rules). Oh wait, i just made that up. Becoming distracted during an intense scene doesn’t give you the right to humiliate a professional on the job in front of the entire crew including his own below the line team of employees? Well apparently Franklin thinks the art of acting allows for such possibilities.

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