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It takes a lot of work to be a superhero. You’ve seen Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth’s bodies swell to the size of small mountains, and now Brie Larson is the latest actor to get the intense super-training experience. But instead of just lifting weights, she’s flying jets. As the titular superhero of Captain Marvel, Larson not only has to hold her own in a fight, but she has to be able to pilot an Air Force plane, which is something that she learned while visiting the U.S. Air Force Base prior to filming.

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Nick Fury Origin Story

Brie Larson‘s Carol Danvers is, of course, the main focus of Captain Marvel. But the superhero film also has a few familiar MCU faces backing her up – most notably Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury. Since Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s, we’re going to see a much younger, eyepatch-free Nick Fury. And based on the trailers released, Fury almost looks like Carol’s sidekick in the film, hitting the road with her when she crashes to earth. Does that make Captain Marvel a Nick Fury origin story as much as a Carol Danvers origin story?

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captain marvel trailer january

Captain Marvel is coming to save the MCU. Brie Larson stars as the out-of-this-world hero who gets caught in the middle of a galactic war. Rather than jump right in after the catastrophic events of Avengers: Infinity WarCaptain Marvel goes back to the 1990s to officially introduce us to Carol Danvers. A new Captain Marvel trailer has just arrived to hold you over until the March release date. Plus, you can also buy tickets for the film right now.

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captain marvel tv spot

Carol Danvers is looking to unlock the answers to her past, but it may be a long journey until she finds the key. In the latest Captain Marvel TV spot, the titular cosmic superhero searches for meaning behind her strange memories of Earth while promising to “end” the war between the Kree and the Skrulls. It’s a narrative we’ve seen before in the last few Captain Marvel trailers, but the latest TV spot gives us a glimpse of some new footage of the first female-led Marvel superhero movie.

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I'm thinking of ending things cast

Update: Variety reports that the ever-busy Jesse Plemons, whose credits include Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, Game Night, FX’s Fargo, and the upcoming Vice, has joined the cast of I’m Thinking of Ending Things. He will play the role of Jake, the boyfriend to Brie Larson’s character. Our original article continues below.

Brie Larson is jumping from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Netflix. The Captain Marvel actress has just joined the I’m Thinking of Ending Things cast for director Charlie Kaufman. Based on the creepy novel by Iain Reid, the story concerns a woman (Larson) on a road trip with her boyfriend to meet the boyfriend’s parents.

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captain marvel trailer breakdown

The new Captain Marvel trailer dropped last night, revealing more about the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie. Though much of the movie still remains a mystery, we’ve picked up more clues about Captain Marvel‘s plot and its hero, played by Brie Larson.

The film follows Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who became endowed with incredible cosmic powers and is now part of a cosmic team known as the Starforce. But upon her return to Earth, she realizes that there’s more to her past than she realized.

The new trailer depicts Carol’s search for answers, and perhaps something more sinister at play with the team of “noble warrior heroes” that she works with. Let’s dive into the Captain Marvel trailer breakdown.

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captain marvel kelly sue deconnick

Before writer Kelly Sue DeConnick took the helm of the Captain Marvel comic books, Carol Danvers was still a superhero who went by the name of Ms. Marvel whose outfit amounted to a leotard with a sash around her waist. But with the start of DeConnick’s 2012 Captain Marvel run, Carol Danvers assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel for the first time in history and cemented herself as one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics. Fans nicknamed themselves the Carol Corps, rocking Carol’s new signature mohawk helmet and her fully-covering suit at conventions (no more butt cheeks hanging out!).

The upcoming Captain Marvel feature film takes a lot of inspiration from DeConnick’s comic book run. That explains why they brought the writer on as a consultant for the film, as star Brie Larson revealed to us.

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Brie Larson Interview

Sitting in a soundstage in Los Angeles, right outside the set of Captain Marvel, Samuel L Jackson pulls up a video on his phone and asks if we want to see “it,” almost like a proud father. He told us:

“A year ago, Brie started working out. And the girl that I did Kong and Unicorn Store with is not this person. She’s like 5 percent body fat now. She used to send me workout videos, which were like, crazy dope workout videos. The first one she sent me, she was lifting… like a hundred pounds. She was doing this thing with the waist-lift, about a hundred pounds. The last one she sent me was 350. She does chin-ups. And she sent me a video of her pushing a Jeep up a hill. It’s pretty amazing stuff.”

The homemade video shows a very muscular Brie Larson pushing a Jeep up a hill. It’s a video that her co-star sent to Jackson in confidence, showing her extreme training for her role in the Marvel movie. In the video, she makes pushing a jeep up a dirt hill look so easy, even though clearly none of the journalists gathered on set could attempt that feat of strength.

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captain marvel trailer new

Get ready to go higher, further and faster with Brie Larson as she sets out to save the galaxy in Captain Marvel. Larson leads Marvel’s first female-driven superhero film, and it’s safe to say the hype is already through the stratosphere. Unlike the other MCU films before, Captain Marvel is a prequel, taking us back to the good old days of 1990s, when Blockbuster Video reigned supreme, acid wash jeans were a thing, and fanny packs were in style. Watch the Captain Marvel trailer below!

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captain marvel poster new

It’s going to be a big week for Marvel, and they’re kicking things off in style. First up: the new Captain Marvel poster is here, in all its colorful glory. As expected, it features Brie Larson front and center, along with the requisite list of actor names floating above her. The poster may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it should hold you over until tonight, when the latest Captain Marvel trailer drops. See the poster below.

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