Bradley King's Force Awakens ticket stubs

I was in Los Angeles recently on a business trip when I got to have lunch with my friend, writer/director Bradley King, whose film Time Lapse is a fun genre thriller that recently hit Netflix. As typically occurs when I meet with fellow film nerds, we started talking about what films he’d seen recently. That’s when he admitted he’d seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens more than 23 times in theaters, as of this writing, and had no plans to stop going.

I enjoyed The Force Awakens myself when it was first released, but I can’t quite imagine seeing any movie that many times in theaters, let alone that specific one. I needed to understand the depths and purpose of this obsession, so King agreed to let me interview him. Hit the jump to read a transcript of our interview, which has been edited for grammar and clarity, as we explore why King does it, what theaters he chooses to go to, and what he learns from each viewing. And of course, the following contains massive spoilers for The Force Awakens.

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Alamo Drafthouse Mad Max: Fury Road PSA

David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss when thought crime becomes real crime, and how it feels to have made a movie that’s torrented highly. Special guest Bradley King joins us for this episode. Be sure to check out Bradley’s film, Time Lapse, available right now on iTunes.

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When Should You Decide To Become a Filmmaker?

time lapse bradley king

It’s probably a question that many of you have considered: When should you quit your job and become a full-time filmmaker? What moment do people reach before they decide that this is the right life for them?

I recently launched a weekly advice podcast called Big Problems with Stephen Tobolowsky and this question came up via an email from a listener. After the jump, listen to the podcast and hear us discuss the question with Bradley King, a first-time filmmaker whose new film Time Lapse comes out on VOD later this week. We talk about when/how Bradley decided to take the plunge into filmmaking, the moment when Stephen Tobolowsky realized how profoundly people could be affected by his acting, and why Starship Troopers made Bradley cry.
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Time Lapse Movie

Let’s say you’re making a sci-fi film featuring a camera that takes pictures of what happens 24 hours in the future. You’d probably need a lot of note cards to make sure you keep all the events of the film straight. That, plus yarn to connect different scenes and photos together. Lots and lots of yarn…

Time Lapse just had its North American debut at the Seattle International Film Festival, and it definitely makes great use of this time-bending camera premise. I thought the film was a super fun genre exercise, a thriller that reminded me of Timecrimes and old-school Twilight Zone episodes. The film is immensely satisfying, especially for a person like me who loves the use of time travel paradoxes in films. No detail in this film is wasted as it barrels towards its inevitable conclusion, and all previous plot points lock into place.

But there are also a lot of challenges associated with making a film like this. I chatted with the filmmakers, BP Cooper and Bradley King about the difficulties of keeping all the events straight, as well as which other time travel movies inspired them. Learn more about Time Lapse at the film’s website and check out our video interview after the jump.
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