Boyz in the Wood Review

Music videos are descriptively rhythm-driven short films, and short films are just precursory pathways to feature filmmaking, so it shouldn’t surprise when directors bounce between mediums. Take Ninian Doff, for instance. The man behind Miike Snow’s “The Trigger” and Royal Blood’s “Figure It Out” (amongst other musician collaborations) makes his full-length debut with the hip-hop-Highlands survival comedy Boyz In The Wood. A divided callback to John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood, a feisty generational satire, and a hot-as-fire warrior’s battlecry that retains musical interlude value all packed into one riotously psychedelic outdoor adventure gone to bloody hell.

Think of it as The Most Dangerous Game on acid, except hunted targets are underprivileged urban youths caught in the gold-plated crosshairs of wealthy dinosaurs. Ah, the thrill of a good “cull the herd!” Read More »