The proposed horror film Born has been described as a fantasy film and as a psychological thriller.  The plot reportedly revolves around a married couple, the husband of which is a stop-motion animator, settling down in a quaint English town and then getting terrorised by his claymation creations.

When I first heard about the film it was in a Variety piece that named an amazing array of talent attached as writers, producers and stars.  Apparently, Daniel Simpson was attached to direct from a screenplay he had written with Paul Kaye, Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly were set to star, the Chiodo brothers were to supply stop-motion effects, and Guillermo Del Toro and Cliver Barker were among the producers. Surely the poster for that film alone could secure a multi-million dollar budget? Well… I’ve put the poster down at the bottom of the post and you can judge how much it really would cost (in Chewitts and milk bottle tops if you think dollars inappropriate) for yourself.

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