last blockbuster rental

The last Blockbuster Video store standing – located in Bend, Oregon – wants you to stay the night. For $4 a night, four guests can rent out the last Blockbuster on Airbnb, just like in the old days when we’d rent out videotapes from them. There’s an entire faux living-room set up to provide guests with comfort, and those staying will have the entire run of the store from check-in to check-out. But you might want to act fast, because this offer is only available for three nights, and soon.

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blockbuster video board game

Remember Blockbuster Video? It was a physical place where you could go rent physical copies of movies! Sounds crazy, I know. The video chain once ruled the land, but was blown into oblivion after the onset of streaming. While almost all of the Blockbusters are gone (there’s one left in the entire world), nostalgia for the video store is at an all-time-high. There’s even a Blockbuster Video board game now! So why not gather around your friends who were once ’90s kids, and remember the good old days. More on the Blockbuster Video game below.

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Game of Thrones Costume Design

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, learn how the costume design on Game of Thrones creates links between certain characters and conveys a sense of their power in the story in any given season. Next, see what happens when Ellen DeGeneres sends one of her writers to be a cashier at the last remaining Blockbuster Video store in Orgeon, and watch as Stephen Colbert travels into the Veep universe. Read More »

Final Blockbuster

We all knew this day would come. Hell, some of us thought it had already happened. There were two Blockbuster Video stores left in the entire world: one in Perth, Australia, and one in Bend, Oregon. Now, the Australian store has confirmed they’ll be closing by the end of the month, which will make the Oregon location the final Blockbuster on the planet. If you’re lucky enough to still frequent the Oregon location, please be extra kind and rewind, because they’re the only one hanging on.

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blockbuster video

A long, long time ago, people had to travel to brick and motor stores to pay money to rent movies. These movies weren’t streaming, or on disc. No, no, friends. The movies were housed within plastic rectangles known as “VHS tapes.” There were many of these stores, but one of the most profitable and famous was Blockbuster Video. Those days are gone. Blockbuster shuttered most of their stores years ago, but a few stragglers remained. And now, only one store remains in the United States.

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Blockbuster Video

Believe it or not there are still some Blockbuster Video locations that are still open for business. Pretty much all of them are located in Alaska, but there were a couple still open in Texas. Sadly, one of the locations in The Lone Star State closed recently, and that was very bad news for one loyal customer.

Hector Zuniga is a 20-year old autistic man who lives in Sharyland, Texas, and part of his all-important routine was going to one of the last remaining Blockbuster Video stores there at least twice a week. This kind of consistency is very important to someone on the autism spectrum and any disruption to their routine can be a big problem for them. In this case, Zuniga was heartbroken, inconsolable even when his local Blockbuster Video closed. But his parents came up with a wonderful, touching solution to make him feel better. Read More »

SNL Blockbuster

The announcement Blockbuster Video was closing all its physical locations marked the end of an era. Anyone who ever rented a movie at a video store took a moment to think back on how radically and quickly things have changed. It was a significant media moment.

Predictably, Saturday Night Live had a different twist. They took the real life event and gave it a funny spin by following a few disillusioned, lost Blockbuster employees on a post-closure quest, featuring a cameo by Lady Gaga. It’s a cute, sweet tribute to the chain. Read More »


Last week’s announcement that Blockbuster would shutter all remaining locations marked the end of an era, so it seems only appropriate that the last-ever Blockbuster rental would also be about the end of an era. Albeit a slightly more explosive one.

According to the company’s official Twitter account, the very last rental to ever leave store shelves was This Is the End, the apocalyptic comedy directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Check out a photo from the bittersweet event and see Rogen’s response after the jump.

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Blockbuster Video killed the mom and pop video store, and now technology has finally killed Blockbuster Video. After slowly but steadily closing down locations for the better part of a decade, the company announced Wednesday it is finally going to close the final 300 locations by early 2014, and discontinue its rental-by-mail system by the end of 2013. The brand will remain, however, offering movies digitally.

While a few indie stores will always endure, this more or less marks the official end of the video store era. Read More »

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Earlier this month, Dish Network purchased Blockbuster, Inc. to the tune of $320 million (or “$228 million in cash after adjustments for available cash and inventory”) at a bankruptcy court auction for the once-great video rental chain. Blockbuster, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 last fall with nearly $1 billion in debt, much of it to major movie studios.

At the time, we wondered what the satellite television provider’s plans for Blockbuster were. Now, recent documents have made that picture a little bit clearer. Read on after the jump.

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