Way back in 2008, before A Cure for Wellness was even a twinkle in his eye, Gore Verbinski had plans to direct the Bioshock movie. But just as things seemed to be coming together, they all fall apart. In spring 2009, Universal abruptly pulled the plug over concerns about its ballooning budget, and by summer 2009, he’d ditched the video game movie entirely.

Still, that hasn’t stopped some fans from wondering what might have been and how it all went wrong. So recently, Verbinski addressed what, exactly, happened on that movie, and whether he would ever consider returning to it again.  Read More »

bioshock movie concept art

Bioshock is a perfect concept for a game, and a difficult proposition as a narrative film. The game, played from a first-person perspective, features a largely anonymous protagonist in a massive underwater city, where armored enforcers protect little girls whose bodies have been surgically… embellished to generate a mutagen that can push human DNA into radical new shapes.

So while Universal once had Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) set to direct a big-screen adaptation, that effort eventually sank under the weight of all the many factors that made the movie seem like a long shot in the first place. But some unused Bioshock movie concept art is making the rounds, and though it you can see familiar game concepts imagined for the screen. Read More »

Mark Englert - Bioshock Reg Header

Another year, another glow in the dark art show at New York City’s Bottleneck Gallery. Last year’s event drew massive crowds, there to admire pop culture art made with glow in the dark inks, and this year should be more of the same.

When The Lights Go Out 2 opens Saturday March 22 and remains on display through April 9. As is the case with most group shows, a huge number of artists tackled a huge variety of properties. What makes this one different is every few minutes, the Bottleneck team turns off the regular lights and turns on a barrage of blacklights to show the treasures hidden in every single piece.

Below, we’ve got a bunch of work from the show including posters for Preacher, Akira, Spirited Away, Big Trouble in Little China, Despicable Me and They Live. Plus, we’re proud to exclusively debut popular artist Mark Englert‘s piece for the video game Bioshock. It’s a stunning work that must be seen to be believed (that’s just a taste above). Check it all out below. Read More »

Since the game BioShock became a critical and commercial hit, there has been vague but persistent momentum on a movie adaptation. The story features a man who must find his way through the ruins of an underwater city, the inhabitants of which have been mutated through excessive genetic manipulation.

Gore Verbinski was once attached to direct, and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo later attached himself to the project. But in 2011 the Universal film was pushed to the back burner and Fresnadillo fell away.

Now Ken Levine, the game designer who spearheaded the original title, has said the movie is dead. More to the point, he killed it. Read More »

The game BioShock was a massive hit when it was released in 2007. One of the better examples of world-building in gaming, the original title was set in Rapture, an underwater city built by an entrepreneur that wouldn’t e out of place in an Ayn Rand novel. But things had gone bad — power struggles and genetic tinkering destroyed Rapture’s hope for the future. The upshot, for us, is that the damaged Rapture turned out to be a darkly beautiful gaming playground.

Gore Verbinski was once set to direct a film version of BioShock for Universal, but he ended up vacating the director’s chair and staying on as producer. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who directed Intacto and 28 Weeks Later, came on to direct, and as recently as a couple weeks back he was still talking in cautious terms about the movie. But now he says he’s off the project for good. Read More »

In the five years since the release of his zombie sequel 28 Weeks Later, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has been attached to a several major Hollywood projects. First was BioShock, based on a best-selling underwater, steampunk inspired video game. Then there was a reboot of The Crow, which could have possibly starred Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper or Channing Tatum. Both those projects have yet to, and may never, see the light of day.

Then there’s the latest film on Fresnadillo’s plate, a remake of Highlander, a film Justin Lin was set to do before dropping out to finish his Fast and the Furious movies. Little has been said about that project but while promoting his latest film, Intruders, at South by Southwest, Fresnadillo revealed it could be his next film and more. Read More »

With its period/Gothic aesthetic set in an underwater, futuristic world, the BioShock video games were practically begging to be adapted into a film. Since 2008, directors like Guillermo Del Toro, Gore Verbinski and Juan Carlos Frenadillo have either been rumored or attached to a big screen adaptation and, at times, it’s been very close to being made. However, the project is currently stuck in development hell with no light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s fine according to Ken Levine, the creator of BioShock and head of Irrational Games. In a recent interview, he suggested while he’d love to see a BioShock movie, there’s no inherent need for it if the material isn’t right. Read his quotes and more after the jump. Read More »

Last we heard about Gore Verbinski‘s fifth team up with Johnny Depp, The Lone Ranger, Depp said the film was a “very difference approach” to the traditional Lone Ranger/Tonto relationship. Now Verbinski, who’ll direct the Disney film, has come out and shed a little light on that statement and also commented on why he couldn’t get a film version of the video game Bioshock made. Read his quotes and more after the jump. Read More »


Last we heard about the Bioshock movie, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) was set to direct. That was almost a year ago.

Since then, there’s been no word on whether or not the film would progress beyond its pre-production stage, which seemed like an indication that the project had stalled. But now producer Gore Verbinski has spoken up, assuring that he still has every intention in getting it made, and that doing so is only a matter of bringing down the budget.

Read More »

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