Michael Mann is working on the HBO series Luck, but he still has quite a few feature irons in the fire. There’s Agincourt, based on Bernard Cromwell’s novel about a man who becomes and archer under Henry V and fights in the Battle of Agincourt. He’s got a possible biopic of war photographer Robert Capa as well, though we haven’t heard any movement on that in a while.

Another project that was recently discussed as a possible next feature for Michael Mann is Big Tuna, which is a gangster picture about Chicago mobsters Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo and Sam Giancana. And now Up in the Air screenwriter Sheldon Turner has been hired to script it. Read More »

No matter which film director Michael Mann decides to do next, we, the audience, are the winners because each sounds magnificent. Since releasing Public Enemies, Mann has been working on the upcoming HBO series Luck with Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte but, once he’s done with that, he’ll most likely pick between directing a gangster movie or a period epic.

The gangster film, called Big Tuna, is about elderly Chicago mobster Tony Accardo and his young successor Sam Giancana while the epic, Agincourt, is about a fugitive whose archery skills catapult him into romance and war during the time of Henry V. Read more about all three projects after the break. Read More »