For the past five years and counting, Warner Bros. has been one of the most successful studios in Hollywood thanks in large part to Batman and Harry Potter. However with Potter done and The Dark Knight Rises now out in the world, Warner Bros. is at a crossroads. What’s the next big, surefire hit franchise? WB believes DC Comics characters hold the answer.

From here, we pretty much know the score. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is scheduled for June 14, 2013; WB is dead set on rebooting Batman; and the script for Justice League is currently looking for a director. Some of the many mysteries beyond that are the links between those films, release schedule and how they’ll deal with a new Batman.

One of those questions may now have an answer. A reputable source of Batman news reports Warner Bros. plan is to introduce the new, rebooted Batman in the Justice League film and start a new film series after that. Read more after the jump.

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