It’s been quite a while since we got an update on Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Barbarella TV series. You’d be forgiven if you assumed it was dead or even forgot it was ever supposed to happen at all.

But not only is it still on, it’s moving forward at a new home. Amazon Studios is developing a pilot for the series, and is now in the process of looking for a showrunner. Hit the jump for more details on the show.

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Last year, we got the surprising but not unwelcome news that Nicolas Winding Refn would be revamping Barbarella for the small screen. Now he’s being joined by some other big cinematic names. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have co-written the last five Bond movies including Skyfall, have just signed on to write the script. Hit the jump to read more.

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My mind just warped a little bit. While Robert Rodriguez talked for some time about remaking Barbarella, the kooky kitch sci-fi romp starring Jane Fonda and the Orgasmatron, his movie never got off the ground. Then Robert Luketic was appointed director, and that version eventually died as well.

But Barbarella is going to be revamped, and for television no less. And Drive and Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn is going to do it. Read More »

Watch A Brief History of Movie Title Designs

As part of the screening put together in relation to the SXSW Title Design Competition, Ian Albinson from the website The Art of the Title Sequence put together a nice two and a half minute compendium of excellent film titles. (That features an occasional piece of television, too.) For any long-time film lover, this little video will probably elicit quite a few responses simply on the strength of the title cards on display. I queued several films to re-watch after exposure to just a few seconds of their titles.

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Lately there’s a casting rumor every single day, and the latest is a one-two for Anne Hathaway, who has been mentioned as the latest possible lead for the revamped Barbarella, and for David O. Russell‘s possible feature The Silver Linings Playbook. But The Playlist talked to a rep for the actress who says she hasn’t been formally attached to either film. And David O. Russell says that with respect to The Silver Linings Playbook “those people have definitely read the script and there’s a whole conversation going on.” ‘Those people’ refers to Bradley Cooper and Anne Hathaway, but obviously it’s still rather early on both counts. More as this develops.

Am I alone in hoping the Barbarella remake will just die quietly off in a corner? The original is campy fun and, yeah, goofy titillating stuff. And sure, I’d like to see Anne Hathaway in some of those costumes. But it’s a product of its time. Let Roman Coppola’s CQ stand as the remake of both Barbarella and the similarly campy (and far more wonderful) Danger: Diabolik and let’s all move on. Please?

New Screenwriter Hired For Barbarella


The trades have caught up with Robert Luketic‘s appointment as director of the new Barbarella, with The Hollywood Reporter also naming Joe Gazzam as the screenwriter of the upcoming do-over. When Robert Rodriguez was in charge, the film was set up at Universal but now, producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis are “between deals” and will look for a new home base once the script is workable.

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Whenever a well-known role is up for grabs, especially when its a comic book character or some other pop-culture icon, stories seem to flood forth from every last corner of the press and blogosphere. They proclaim, very often as though fact, that somebody, anybody, everybody who looks – or could look – just a little like the character in question is up for the role. Sometimes, there doesn’t even need to be a physical resemblance – see Eddie Murphy as The Riddler or Johnny Depp as Michael Jackson, for example.

Today, one of these rumors blew up in the hands of the newspaper that ran with it. A hearing at London High Court has awarded Kate Beckinsale £200,000 for a libelous claim associating her with the proposed Barbarella movie. But what was it the paper said that was so contentious?

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Less than a month after Robert Rodriguez announced his relationship with space siren Barbarella was over, EW are reporting that she’s already found her new man. According to them, Legally Blonde and 21 director Robert Luketic is the lucky fella up for the job. The original big screen Barbarella was Jane Fonda, who Luketic directed in the execrable Monster in Law. Is there some kind of six degrees of Dino de Laurentiis at work here?

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Some will be sad, some will rejoice, others still will shrug but Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan‘s proposed Barbarella is, according to the man himself, dead. Talking to MTV, the director has revealed that he turned down $70 million in finance because of a tricky little clause in the small print.

The money would have come from a German company and they were requesting he shoot and carry out post in Germany too. He says:

Nothing against Germany, but I have five kids and I was like, ‘God, I don’t know if we can do that. I don’t know if I can be away that long.’

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Don’t worry, /Film isn’t dyeing its hair purple and designing a line of Hot Topic apparel. According to various gossip sites, Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez have split, thus throwing McGowan’s roles in Barbarella aka “my space ship is nearly finished, seriously,” the newly announced Red Sonja revamp, and Girls in Chains! into question. If true, this is like the end of an era in GeekLand, and we’re pretty happy about it.

Discuss: Who should play Barbarella? Some sites have tipped Jessica Alba. Erm.