Already Musical Backbeat to Become A Musical


Iain Softley‘s debut feature was Backbeat, a biopic recounting of Suart Sutcliffe’s time in The Beatles, his romance with Astrid Kircherr and very close friendship with John Lennon. The film’s secret weapon was Ian Hart’s performance as Lennon – the second of three times he took the role, after The Hours and the Times and before Forrest Gump – but as well as that superscud, it was a pretty well armed attack beast overall. it looked good, sounded great, Stephen Dorff was never better and Gary Bakewell made for a better Paul McCartney than, well, Phil Ackrill.

According to a little Tweet from David Poland, Softley is today casting Backbeat: The Musical. He wasn’t sure if anybody knew about the project, but I can’t find any big scale discussion anywhere. So far, I don’t know for sure if this will be a musical film or a musical stage show, but I’m banking on it a film – Softley being a film director, after all – and if Poland replies to my query, or I find the answer elsewhere, I’ll update this post.

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