We’ll have to say this every time one of two films comes up for the next few months. Don’t get Man on a Ledge, the trailer for which you’ll find below, confused with The Ledge, the trailer for which we saw some time ago.

Man on a Ledge stars Sam Worthington as a man pushed to the breaking point when he is tagged as the perpetrator of a crime. Elizabeth Banks is the negotiator who tries to prevent him from taking his last step, and Jamie Bell and Ed Harris are involved in the story, too. But is it all cover for a heist of some sort? That’s how it seems, while Elizabeth Banks doesn’t seem smartly cast as the negotiator, I’m eager to see Jamie Bell doing a little criminal activity. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

And the first photo from Man on a Ledge, which just began shooting with Sam Worthington starring as the titular character, shows…Sam Worthington on a ledge. How appropriate. Ed Harris has joined the cast, too, which makes this talent lineup a bit more interesting. More info on Asger Leth‘s in-progress film after the break. Read More »


Director Asger Leth (Ghosts of Cite Soleil) suffered a career setback earlier this year when Universal canceled Cartel, the film he was planning to shoot first with Sean Penn, then with Josh Brolin.

But he’s picking up steam now with Man on a Ledge, which has had Sam Worthington attached to star for some time. Yesterday the film added Anthony Mackie, and now Jamie Bell is signing on and Amy Adams may be on board soon. A heist picture with Mackie, Bell and Adams? Let’s see it. Read More »


Anthony Mackie is in talks to join Man on a Ledge, the cop thriller that already has Sam Worthington on board. The story kicks off with “a female psychologist and a former NYPD officer who threatens to jump to his death,” which sounds pretty eh. But the potential suicide is a smokescreen to obscure a massive diamond heist. Wait, did you say ‘heist,’ and Anthony Mackie? OK, officially more interested.

Asger Leth is directing from a Pablo Fenjves script that is being rewritten by Erich and Jon Hoeber (Red). [Variety]

After the break, a great cast for a questionable sci-fi picture, and more potential shark victims go in the water. Read More »


The Josh Brolin-starring, Asger Leth-directed Cartel could be this year’s Moneyball. Universal has just killed the picture, reportedly over concerns about several issues: budget, script and the logistics of shooting a drug-oriented drama in Mexico. Read More »