Take a break from reality for a minute with a couple of trailers for films you’ll never see. Or, as it really goes, trailers for a couple of films you’ll never see that are quite a bit like a great many other films you have seen. The Boston-set movies of the past decade get sent up in The Oscar-Winning Boston Movie, while Riverdale offers a new, ugly perspective on Archie comics. Read More »

Will We Soon See A Glut of Archie Comics Movies?


The news this week isn’t just slow; it is turning towards being completely irrelevant. First, there’s major casting news on the Secretariat movie, a film that screams ‘limited audience appeal’. Now there’s word that Archie Comics is now repped by CAA, which suggests that we could eventually see a bunch of film and television properties spun off from the long-running stories of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. Would any of you actually care about these theoretical films and shows? Read More »