IMAX VR Centre - Reception

With movie theater ticket sales in decline and the piracy still on the rise for home video, Hollywood is looking towards virtual reality as another avenue for the entertainment dollar. And IMAX wants in on the ground floor, announcing last year that they would be opening six IMAX VR Centres in 2017. On Tuesday morning, I visited the first IMAX VR Centre located in Los Angeles, hoping to get a glimpse of the future of immersive entertainment.

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There’s a new possible project for Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. The military/sci-fi film Archangel was originally written by Andrew Will, but Adam Kozad has just been signed to rewrite for New Regency, and Mr. Kosinski has been attached as director. Given that the rewrite process is just starting this will take another couple months before it goes forward, still leaving Oblivion as the likely next project for the director. (That movie has Tom Cruise attached, and could become a big thing at Universal if current negotiations go through.) But Archangel is now on the horizon. More details are after the break. Read More »