Moana - Kakamora

A record 27 features have been submitted for consideration in the animated feature film category for the 89th Academy Awards. The number of Oscar-qualifying films has risen greatly over the past few years. For instance, last year there were just 16 films submitted. But with so many films submitted to the Academy, I wonder how many of these movies have you seen? Hit the jump to see the list of 2016 Oscar-Qualifying Animated Feature Films.

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april and the extraordinary world clip

Last week, the trailer for the American release of April and the Extraordinary World arrived and it wasn’t a particularly impressive piece of marketing. However, having seen this animated science fiction adventure at Fantastic Fest last year, I noted that the preview doesn’t fully represent the oddball joys of this imaginative and thoroughly entertaining movie.

And now, we’re pleased to debut a clip from Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci‘s film, which will hopefully paint a stronger picture of what this delightful and frequently bonkers movie actually feels like. Seriously, if you’re a fan of alternate history science fiction, talking animals, or animated films that don’t feel compelled to color inside the usual Hollywood lines, this should be on your radar.

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april and the extraordinary world trailer

April and the Extraordinary World is an animated French film set in a grungy, alternate history steampunk version of Paris circa 1941. It follows a young, homeless scientist and her talking cat as they set out to find her missing parents and create a cure for death. Oh, and there’s a gigantic conspiracy involving the abduction of the world’s smartest people. It is, for lack of a more elegant phrase, a pretty strange movie. It is also charming and exciting and endlessly inventive.

And now, the first trailer for the English language version of the trailer has arrived and…well, let’s just say that we’ve seen better movie trailers.

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