another wolfcop review

Another WolfCop? Yes. “Another” means that director Lowell Dean’s howlin’ mad midnighter is indeed a sequel, and a ravenous one at that. Back again is Leo Fafard, playing Canada’s favorite donut-scarfing Lycan lawman; a fluffy beast whose moonlight methods are animalistic to the max. Criminals find themselves torn limb from limb with WolfCop once again the prowl, except this second “adventure” plays with double the obscurity. Somehow. “How does one expound upon the very premise of WolfCop,” you ask? Puppetry. Decapitations. Strippers. Moondust. Chicken Milk. Astron 6 cameos. Smacks of Alien…and maybe Mac And Me.

Did the first WolfCop leave you with a nasty genre hangover (we all have a little too much fun sometimes)? Another WolfCop is that hair o’ the dog remedy you’re looking for.

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Another WolfCop Trailer

Lowell Dean‘s 2014 Canadian horror comedy WolfCop, which focused on an alcoholic police officer who turns into a werewolf, apparently performed well enough to warrant a sequel. In keeping with the movie’s tongue-in-cheek approach to…well, just about everything, the second film in the series is called Another WolfCop, and its trailer and poster highlight the fact that it’s providing more of what fans wanted from the first movie.
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