amc problems

The future of movie theaters remains somewhat up in the air right now, and AMC – the largest theater chain in the United States – is suffering. As a result, AMC has just filed to sell up to 50 million more shares of stock with the hopes of staying solvent (solvency allows a company to meet its long-term debts and financial obligations). As a result, the company’s stock was down nearly 5% as of today. AMC previously reported they would need at least $750 million to make it through 2021.

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Denis Villeneuve HBO Max

“Warner Bros. might have just killed the Dune franchise.”

Denis Villeneuve, the filmmaker behind the mega-budgeted movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel, does not mince words in a new editorial published by Variety. After being blindsided by the news that Warner Bros. is releasing its entire 2021 slate of films (including Dune) in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously, Villeneuve blasted the studio’s parent company in this new editorial, saying, “AT&T has hijacked one of the most respectable and important studios in film history.”

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AMC Social Distancing Protocols

The entire theatrical landscape shifted yesterday when Warner Bros. announced that it would be releasing its entire 2021 theatrical slate day-and-date in theaters and on HBO Max. The film world was left reeling by this game-changing decision, most of all theater exhibitors — many of whom received a heads up only an hour before Warner Bros. broke the news. Smaller exhibitors learned only seven minutes prior to the bombshell.

So naturally, they’re all a little miffed by the decision, which many are saying could spell the end of movie theaters. Now AMC Theatres, the largest theater exhibition chain in the U.S., has issued a response slamming WarnerMedia and its intent to “sacrifice a considerable portion of the profitability of its movie studio division.”

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AMC Theaters Allowing Texting

As coronavirus pandemic numbers continue to rise across the United States, it doesn’t look like movie theaters are going to see a big influx of audiences anytime soon, especially as the regular flu season starts to come around. In addition to increased COVID-19 cases, movie studios still aren’t releasing any major blockbusters to theaters. Since AMC Theatres said not too long ago that they could run out of cash by the end of the year, they’re now preparing to sell millions of dollars in stock. Read More »

AMC Theatres Out of Money Soon

With a complete lack of major new releases coming to theaters over the next couple months, and potentially through the rest of the year, the movie theater industry is in trouble. Cineworld just closed all of their Regal Cinemas locations in the United States (with the exception of a handful of key locations in California) last week because of how many blockbusters shifted to 2021, but AMC Theatres, along with Cinemark, pledged to stay open, but it doesn’t mean they’re in a good position at all.

AMC Theatres has revealed that if things don’t improve in the near future, they might be out of cash by the end of 2020 or sometime in early 2021. They’re not the only ones in imminent danger either, because B&B Theatres, the sixth largest cinema chain in the U.S., has announced that they’re months away from filing for bankruptcy protection if nothing changes. Needless to say, this is bad news. Read More »

Cinemark and AMC Theatres Not Closing

Earlier this week, Cineworld made the decision to not only close all of their Regal Cinemas locations in the United States (the second largest chain here), but all of their theaters in the United Kingdom. It’s due to the fact that No Time to Die fled from being released in theaters in November and opted for a safer release in April 2021, leaving Soul and The Croods 2 as the only major studio releases over the next two months. But not all the theater chains are quite so concerned.

Both AMC Theatres and Cinemark have pledged to stay open, despite the lack of new movies to show and the uncertainty over when movie theaters in New York City and Los Angeles will be allowed to reopen. Considering how desperate of a situation these chains seemed to be in earlier this year, that’s quite a surprising development. Read More »

AMC Clarifies Social Distancing Protocols

AMC Social Distancing Protocols

There’s a viral tweet making the rounds that made it look as if AMC was throwing caution to the wind and not enforcing social distancing between assigned theater seats as they plan to reopen this Thursday. However, according to AMC, that’s not the case. According to the theater chain, starting Monday, the ticketing engine will automatically block out one seat on either side of the purchased seat, and the technology just wasn’t in place yet to represent that via current online seating charts.

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AMC Theatres Limiting Capacity

AMC Theaters has released its plans to reopen theaters in the U.S., with an aim to open two-thirds of its locations by the date of Tenet‘s U.S. theatrical release. Starting August 20, AMC plans to open more than 100 theaters, and continue opening locations “such that about two-thirds of our theatres across the country should be open no later than September 3.”

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AMC Universal deal

The film industry was rocked this week when a deal was struck between Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres that sliced the theatrical exhibition window from three months to three weeks. As we wait to see exactly what type of ripple effects this decision will have, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell spoke about why he thinks the AMC Universal deal will attract the “very large audience who doesn’t go to movie theaters.”

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Regal Cinemas

This week, AMC Theatres and Universal Pictures sent shockwaves through Hollywood by sparking a new deal that would shorten the window between the theatrical release of a movie and its debut on VOD to just 17 days. The theatrical window has been a sticking point between studios and movie theaters for a long time, and it’s also been a big issue for Netflix when it comes to getting their original movies to play on the big screen. This new deal could set a new precedent that could change the distribution model forever.

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