amazon prime video shuffle

One streaming service feature I do not understand is the shuffle option. Netflix tested this concept out and is now making it a permanent feature, and now it looks like Amazon Prime is following its lead. A shuffle feature is headed to Amazon Prime Video that will allow viewers to randomly select a TV episode rather than stick to the normal linear progression. I remain skeptical that anyone actually likes this idea, but here we are.

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Amazon Prime Video Profiles

Amazon Prime Video has a lot of problems with their user interface when it comes to easily accessing all the movies and TV shows available on the streaming service. But one of its biggest issues is finally being rectified.

Starting today, Amazon Prime Video is making individual user profiles available, making it possible for multiple people in the same household with a single Amazon Prime account to have their own watchlists, personalized programming recommendations, and the ability to sustain their own viewing progress, just as Netflix and Hulu have had for years. Read More »

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Movie theaters still aren’t open, and most people aren’t too keen on sitting in close proximity with each other in front of the television. But in the middle of this pandemic, people have been taking advantage of spending time together virtually. Unfortunately, most of the major streaming services haven’t done much to help viewers connect with their friends online by allowing them to watch movies and TV shows online together. But now that’s changed: Amazon Prime Video has launched its own Watch Party extension which allows up to 100 people to watch something online simultaneously. Read More »

amazon sued

Maybe material goods are just ways of filling the emptiness that eats away at our souls, but at least we can have the assurance that we do own the things that we bought. But that isn’t necessarily the case for digital movies purchased through Amazon Prime Video.

Because of confusing licensing laws that result in streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and others having to take films off their platforms, users who “buy” movies on Amazon Prime video never really own those films. Even though the service bills those digital films as “Your Video Purchases,” these purchases are really just long-term rentals that can disappear from your library at any time. One California user has taken issue with the lack of transparency over Amazon video purchases, and has filed a lawsuit against Amazon.

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Streaming Service Comparisons

The streaming wars have just begun so you might want to hunker down in the trenches for the next few years. Everyone is hell-bent on besting Netflix, which means we’re about to be inundated with a slew of new streaming services. This, in turn, means you’re going to have to decide which of these services you want – if any. Will you act like Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly and sign up for all of them? Or will you pick and choose?

To help you with this decision, I’ve broken down how the streaming services compare to each other in terms of price and content. You’re welcome.

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netflix certified fresh movies

It seems to be commonly accepted that Netflix has a bad selection of movies…but not according to Rotten Tomatoes. Though the streaming giant has been dinged for having a streaming library that doesn’t seem to know movies before 1985, the number of Rotten Tomatoes “Certified Fresh” films on the service outnumbers all of its closest competitors combined.

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it's a wonderful life streaming

Halloween is over, which means it’s now officially Christmas time. And Amazon has a very special gift to kick off the holiday season. Frank Capra‘s classic It’s a Wonderful Life is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, marking the first time the film has ever been available to stream. Now, anyone with an Amazon Prime membership can stream the touching tale of a man who tries to kill himself on Christmas!

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Amazon Prime Video Finally Available on Apple TV

Prime Video Apple TV

Good news for Apple TV users who long for the warm embrace of Amazon Prime Video: six months after Apple CEO Tim Cook assured users it would happen, Amazon Prime Video is now available on Apple TV. Yes, that’s correct: Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV is finally a reality. This decision will hopefully end a feud between Apple and Amazon, with Amazon refusing to sell Apple’s streaming box unless Apple TV made Prime Video available.

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hbo shows leaving amazon

Update: Amazon has informed The Verge that the labels were added erroneously and the HBO shows will not be leaving the streaming service. HBO’s streaming deal with Amazon has not expired. Our original story follows.


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Amazon to Offer Standalone Prime Video Service

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime has always been one of the weirder — and arguably better — deals in the crowded field of streaming video. While all services offer countless hours of shows and movies, as well as some splashy originals to distinguish themselves from the competition, only Amazon Prime comes bundled with free two-day shipping. Prime catalog fail to offer the movie you want? Never fear, just order the Blu-ray — and while you’re at it, why not toss some office supplies and workout gear into your cart as well?

But maybe, for whatever reason, you’re not interested in getting your stuff quickly. Or perhaps you’ve thought about signing up, only to balk at the yearlong commitment involved. In that case, Amazon’s got great news for you. The streaming service is rolling out a standalone Amazon Prime Video subscription, without Prime shipping. And at $8.99 per month, it costs a dollar less than Netflix’s most popular plan.  Read More »