AC/DC Music Video With New Iron Man 2 Footage


The soundtrack to Iron Man 2 at least seems novel. According to a new press release, it’s going to feature an awful lot of AC/DC and, presumably, not much else. Pre-orders are open today for the album AC/DC:Iron Man 2, set to shelf on April 19th, 9 days before the movie hits. Below the break you can read the whole press release and full track listing and watch the video for Shoot to Thrill, complete with clips both new and old from Iron Man 2.

A lot of the footage is from the Stark Expo scenes and therefore focuses on dancing girls in skimpy outfits modeled on details of the Iron Man suit. Between those clips and the shots already seen in the trailer, this is hardly dripping with fresh images. But, heck… don’t listen to me being a downer. That’s just my hunger for more talking.
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