We’ve occasionally followed the development of 7 Days in Havana, an anthology film in which seven directors each chronicle one day in Havana, Cuba. The attraction is the set of directors, which includes Benicio Del Toro, making only his second time in the director’s chair (with Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games in his cast) and Argentine firebrand Gaspar Noe, who last made Enter the Void and is generally associated with French cinema thanks to his films Irreversible and I Stand Alone.

We know that Noe’s movies are often quite visually distinctive, so here’s your test for the day: can you watch the trailer below and guess right off which footage comes from Noe? (Answer: probably not.) Read More »

Josh Hutcherson still might become one of the bigger young actors out there. He was high in the running for the lead in Sony’s new Spider-Man before being overlooked in favor of Andrew Garfield. Part of the problem might have been his previous commitment to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Regardless, he’s doing Journey 2; he’s in Joseph Kahn’s Detention (trailer here), and his role in the remade Red Dawn might finally be seen this year.

And that’s just the start. He’s just locked down a role in Benicio Del Toro‘s first directorial effort, which is one of the segments in the omnibus film 7 Days in Havana. And he has met with director Gary Ross about the lead in The Hunger Games, for which he’s hoping to compete with another up and coming actor, Alex Pettyfer. Read More »

What is it with omnibus films of late? In the past few years there have been Chacun son cinema, New York, I Love You, Paris Je T’aime and a couple others. And now there’s a plan to put together a seven-part film about live in contemporary Cuba, called 7 Days in Havana. The hook here is the directorial lineup, which includes Benicio Del Toro and Gaspar Noe. That’s good enough for me — I’ll spend a week in Cuba with these guys. Read More »