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After weeks of back and forth nonsense with Kevin Hart, it’s finally settled: the 91st Academy Awards will not have a host. Unless, of course, the Academy changes their minds again at the last minute – but at this point, we’re only 46 days from the ceremony, and asking anyone to take such a high-profile job with so little time to prepare seems near-impossible.

A new report says the ceremony will go host-less for the first time in three decades. Learn more about what we can expect from this year’s Oscars below. Read More »

Kevin Hart Steps Down as the 2019 Oscars Host

2019 oscars host

Just a day after he was announced the official 2019 Oscars host, Kevin Hart is stepping down from the gig.

The actor-comedian was met with outcry over resurfaced anti-gay tweets and comments he had made during stand-up routines nearly 10 years ago. He then responded with a defiant Instagram response that only earned him more hostility. Rather than apologize for his comments and for his non-apology, Hart decided to step down, leaving the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in search of a new Oscars host.

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