Detective Pikachu and Nostalgia

Like many, many people, I grew up absolutely obsessed with Pokémon. I watched every single episode of the anime, wanting to be the very best. I played the games, and catching them was my real test, and of course I had way too much merchandise. With time, I stopped caring about the franchise, and moved on to other things.

Then the trailer for Detective Pikachu dropped and I could not believe what I was seeing. It was like they took every daydream I had as a kid and turned it into a multimillion-dollar blockbuster. The movie looked fantastic, and the design of the Pokémon is perfect, even if we weren’t prepared for a furry Pikachu. But the most surprising part of the movie was the main character, Tim (played by Justice Smith). And it awakened something in me.

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Detective Pikachu and Pokemon Snap

Those maniacs went ahead and did it. They finally made a life-action Pokémon movie that brings the world of Pikachu, Bulbasaur and even the nightmare-inducing Mr. Mime to life. It’s been 21 years since both the first games, Pokémon Red and Blue, and the anime premiered in the US in September 1998. Since then we’ve got more than a thousand episodes of an anime series, 21 animated movies and over 30 video games, but all of those mostly showed the Pokémon as collectable trophies or the combatants in cute dog-fights until Detective Pikachu came along and showed a world where humans and Pokémon exist in harmony.

Except the movie wasn’t the first to try and do something different with the ‘Pocket Monsters’ besides fighting and catching them. Twenty years before Pikachu became addicted to caffeine, a video game showed us what a world actually filled with Pokémon would look like. That game was Pokémon Snap.

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The Case For Davos Seaworth

(Welcome to Debate of Thrones, where a panel of Citadel-trained experts explain why someone deserves, or doesn’t deserve, to sit on the Iron Throne. In this edition: only Ser Davos Seaworth can tear down a broken system and remake it for a new generation.)

It’s been seven years since King Robert died and Westeros has had as many self-proclaimed kings and queens since.

Ask anyone in The Reach, near Oldtown, or anywhere in Dorne if they know what the platform of any of the King or Queen-to-be is, what they plan to do with their enemies’ subjects or even how they plan to feed the common people come winter and I’m not sure if they can answer. The noblemen would have you believe that you can only have someone of noble blood rule Westeros. But what if there was a better path? What if we didn’t have to listen to those fancy lads in their fancy castles anymore and that bloodlines and ancestors don’t have to mean shit? The man to lead us to that beautiful summer day is none other than Ser Davos Seaworth.

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