Jeremy Mathai

Long Island, NY
Dowling College
Movies, Television, Books
  • Jeremy is a news desk writer for /Film.
  • He has previously written longform, critical analysis for entertainment websites such as IGN, /Film, and Nerdist, among others.
  • His areas of focus include news items, critical essays, deep-dives into filmmaker oeuvres, and pop culture features.


Jeremy has been writing and contributing long-form pop culture essays — both professional and otherwise — regularly over nearly the last decade. Having constantly strengthened and rigorously developed his critical eye and writing skills, he became a freelance contributor roughly two years ago. Now with bylines at IGN, /Film, Nerdist, Star Trek, and Polygon, Jeremy has established himself as a trusted source for singular perspectives and insightful thoughts, even adding writing up daily news desk items to his increasingly busy rotation.


After achieving a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management and a steady job at a local airport, Jeremy rode out the pandemic by officially pivoting to his other, more creative passion: writing analytically about movies and television. Instilled with years-worth of discipline and hard work, he tried his hand at writing professionally years ago and has never looked back.
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