Ben Stiller hasn’t forgotten about Zoolander 2. Also after the jump:

  • Vin Diesel remembers his late Fast & Furious 7 co-star
  • Guy Pearce wants to come back for Prometheus 2
  • Several prominent Randians will cameo in Atlas Shrugged
  • A Transformers producer says it’s early for trilogy talk
  • Rosario Dawson employs her feminine wiles in a Sin City scene
  • Koba gets mischievous in a Dawn of the Planet of the Apes clip
  • Watch an action-packed clip from Planes: Fire & Rescue
  • Laugh at the new trailer for The Inbetweeners 2

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Mike Mitchell header

Is your pop culture art collection cluttered with too many huge movie posters? Do you have a full stack of 27 x 40 inch paper laying around and not enough wall space to display? Are you looking for something smaller, more tasteful but still as awesome and exciting? Mike Mitchell is here to help.

Mitchell is one of the most popular artists out there today. He first gained national attention with his “I’m With Coco” poster for Conan O’Brien and has continued to do beautiful work putting a unique spin on popular culture. Last year, his Just Like Us exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles started a collectors craze and now he’s back for his second show. This one takes popular, and some not-so-popular, movie characters and provides them each with a detailed, classy portrait.

The exhibit opens Friday April 26 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas and, after the jump, you can see about half the images in the show. Read More »

Derek Zoolander Returns, Thanks to SNL

Ben Stiller made his return to hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, his first hosting gig on the show since 1998. And he brought Derek Zoolander with him. It’s not exactly a ten-year celebration of the 2001 release of Zoolander, but until those oft-discussed plans for a sequel actually bear fruit, it’ll have to do. Check out the character’s appearance below. Read More »

VOTD: 50 Comedy Spoilers in 3 Minutes

Our friends the Fine Brothers have filed the latest episode of their popular “Spoiler” series — 50 Comedy Spoilers in 3 Minutes, in one take. You might remember that we’ve featured their videos 50 Christmas Movie Spoilers in 3 Minutes100 Movie Spoilers in 4 minutes, Spoiling Every Best Picture Winner in Oscar History, 50 spoilers of 2009 in 4 minutes, 100 Horror Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes, and 50 Disney Spoilers in 3 Minutes.  Hit the jump to watch their latest. And if it isn’t completely obvious already, please be warned that the following video contains spoilers.
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Hansel might be so hot right now, but it’s Derek Zoolander who is making a comeback. Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films has signed a two year deal with Paramount Digital Entertainment to create web content including a Zoolander animated series and a live action series called Billy Glimmer: Entertainer of the Century, both starring Stiller. The 2001 film Zoolander has evolved into something of a cult classic and fans have been clamoring for a sequel, but while Stiller said that these projects could grow into television shows or feature films, for now, they will live on the Internet. Find out more after the break. Read More »


A Nightmare on Elm StreetIn this week’s /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley respond to Ebert’s diatribe against 3D, and reflect, as usual, on the future of the Twilight series. Special guest Joseph Kahn, the director of Torque, joins us for this episode.

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It looks like Ben Stiller‘s long-in-development sequel to Zoolander might actually be happening. Finke has learned that Ben Stiller has been working on a script with Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux. Paramount Pictures wants to keep the budget low (under $50 million) as the first film was not a box office hit. The current plan is for Theroux to direct, and Jonah Hill is apparently in early talks to play the sequel’s villain. Theroux will be at Fashion Week in Paris to “immerse himself on what is current in fashion”.

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Ben Stiller Working on Zoolander Sequel?

I thought that the chance for a Zoolander sequel died when the film failed to gross $46 million domestically. Sure, there is more to the story, the film was released just weeks after 9/11/2001. But that still doesn’t excuse the film’s low bottom line — $45 million isn’t a great take for a $30 million-budgeted PG-13 comedy. Well apparently either Ben Stiller is delusional or Paramount thinks that a sequel could perform better in an era where America turns out in droves for films like Four Christmases.

Ben Stiller tells WENN that he is currently looking at scripts and a deal for a sequel is finally close to being made. But the quote from Stiller included in the story doesn’t seem nearly as confident:

“I’ve been trying to get Zoolander 2 together and we’ve had a few scripts. I feel that is the sequel I really would like to do some day because I like the original and I would make sure it was something new and worthy of it first.”

So I’m not so sure that a sequel is “close to being made” as the story states. I remember being excited to see the 2001 film as it teamed Stiller, Will Farrell and Owen Wilson (who I had, at the time, just discovered in Wes Anderson’s debut film Bottle Rocket). But I don’t remember being terribly disappointed with Zoolander when I finally screened it at my local multiplex. And I’ve never felt that the film has gained a cult following on DVD like many the comedies my friends and I often quote. But maybe I’m wrong…

Discuss: So is there really an interest in a Zoolander sequel? Would you pay to see a Zoolander sequel?