We might be closing in on the musical for people who don’t like musicals (which will do until we find an outright cure for their curious condition).

Over the last couple of years, Sin Nombre director Cary Funkunaga has been working on “a musical or an opera of some kind” with Zach Condon and Owen Pallett. Condon is a member of the band Beirut and was a contender to score Sin Nombre, while Pallett is a member of the amazingly named Owen Pallett (okay, they used to be called Final Fantasy, so I get the need for a name change) and has also been one of the many members of Arcade Fire. Pallett has also written music for John Cameron Mitchell’s upcoming Rabbit Hole. Pallett and Condon have already made music together, but I don’t know it – critiques in the comments would be welcome.

Fukunaga has now revealed what the premise of the film is, and the only way that it’s not a little surprising is if you think he’s past being surprising now, having skipped from Sin Nombre to Jane Eyre in a single step.

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