It’s You Again, Kristen Bell


Veronica Mars. Wow. What a show. Shame that there wasn’t enough of you tuning in to keep it on air. Yes, you. I blame you, you that refused to watch. And yes, I am a bit bitter. And no, I’m a realist. I don’t think there is ever going to be a continuation to the tales of Neptune, definitely not on the big screen.

Kirsten Bell‘s roles since then haven’t really compared – let’s face facts, Ms. Mars is a real Veronica Sawyer humdinger of a role, a genuine Agent Cooper, a Freddy Krueger. These are the parts that actors just can’t outrun, no matter how talented they are or how many opportunities they seize. Kristen Bell’s newly minted deal to star in Andy Fickman‘s You Again will be about as much use in outpacing the spectre of Veronica as a pogo stick would be in fleeing a trident missile.

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