Fox has acquired the life rights of comic book legend Stan Lee and is developing a period action-adventure movie that is being described as a film in the “tone of Kingsman: The Secret Service or, as one insider put it, Roger Moore’s 007.”
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Cue a whole lot of irritated groans. A couple weeks back we updated on the remake of the extreme French horror film Martyrs, basically noting that (a) Mark L. Smith had penned a script and (b) the remake sounds, on the surface, like a terrible idea.

What I didn’t note at the time is that Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey is one of the producers. This weekend, while doing junket press for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Godfrey said a couple of things about Martyrs. The headline getting statement: he’d love to have Kristen Stewart star. Read More »

gears of war last day

“Emergence Day” should be a term familiar to Gears of Wars fans already, and it looks like movie fans may become very familiar with it. The term refers to that day that the series’ subterranean villains, the Locusts,  started to wage war against humanity. Making Of recently spoke with producer Wyck Godfrey, who spilled some details on their current plans for the Len Wiseman-directed Gears film.

Apparently, they’re currently trying to decide if the movie should take place in the time period of the games—in a war-torn post-Emergence Day world—or, if they should start off earlier and depict a peaceful time that’s shattered by the events of Emergence Day.

Godfrey’s full quote, after the break.

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Okay, you guys don’t have any time for Twilight, I get it. But what do you know about how utterly bizarre – and seemingly unmarketable – the fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn gets? It’s not your standard mopey emo fare, that’s for sure.

There’s been plenty of speculation about when, or even if, Summit could bring Breaking Dawn to the screen. It’s a story that features a surprising amount of sex, even some rather surreal sex, and perhaps some transgressive sexual perversity – some notches beyond the vamp biting stuff from the series overall, which is a “safe” sexual metaphor acceptable for the tween market now, it would seem.

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