Wrinkles the Clown Trailer

Right in-between Pennywise the Dancing Clown and Joaquin Phoenix’ Clown Prince of Crime, a different type of clown wants to make it to the big screen – Wrinkles the Clown. Director Michael Beach Nichols takes a hard look at one of the most fascinating Internet legends of the past few years, a clown that is apparently hired by parents to scare their kids. As Marisa Mirabal wrote for the site, Wrinkles the Clown is an intriguing magic trick of a film, and it’s true, Nichols takes a simple premise – investigating the story behind a viral 2014 YouTube video that showed a sinister clown mask-wearing individual emerging from underneath a child’s bed – and evolves it into an exploration of the internet itself and its ability to spread wild tales and why we love to feel scared.

I had the opportunity to interview the man behind the documentary, director Michael Beach Nichols, at Fantastic Fest and talk about the film, its big twist, the internet and more. For clarity and spoilers-sake, the interview has been edited so as to not ruin the surprise, and believe me – you’ll want to experience the insanity that is Wrinkles The Clown yourself when it arrives on October 4, 2019.

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Wrinkles the Clown Review

Plastered around telephone poles, buildings, and ice cream trucks in South Florida, you’ll find stickers of a clown with hollowed-out eyes, thick red lips, and a phone number under his withered face. This is Wrinkles. Legend has it that the masked clown is out to provide a service terrorizing disobedient children. Over the past few years, Wrinkles has become folklore personified. Thanks to the hyperactive age of social media, the diabolic clown is pure nightmare fuel for naughty children but a breath of fresh air for parents in need of alternative disciplinary methods. Directed by Michael Beach Nichols, Wrinkles the Clown (watch the trailer here) introduces audiences to the man behind the mask and explores society’s dark fascination with his disturbing omnipresence.  Read More »

Wrinkles the Clown Trailer

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is horrifying audiences in theaters everywhere this weekend in IT: Chapter 2, but the people of southwest Florida have been terrified by a real life clown named Wrinkles, and it’s time for his story to be told.

Wrinkles the Clown is a new documentary from director Michael Beach Nichols (Welcome to Leith) which focuses on this seemingly mythical clown who first went viral after supposedly being hired to scare the hell out of a kid whose parents decided this was the best way to punish him for misbehaving. Following internet fame, more videos of Wrinkles soon began to appear online, and suddenly Wrinkles the Clown was a professional hired for “behavioral services”. Yes, this is all totally real. Watch the Wrinkles the Clown trailer to find out more about this horrifying and fascinating story. Read More »