While promoting Attack the Block at Comic Con (a movie that, if you read this site, really needs little more hyping) producer Edgar Wright offered updates on his two most anticipated upcoming projects: Marvel’s Ant-Man and the third film in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, tentatively titled The World’s End. Both films are very much still on his plate and we now have the up to the minute details. Read More »


Entertainment Weekly have done alright by Simon Pegg fans this weekend, publishing a mini-interview that offers at least some new information on four of his upcoming projects (and name drops Tintin too). So far, info on The World’s End has been truly scarce so I find anything – even the tiniest scrap – very welcome indeed.

In case you don’t know it by title – yet – The World’s End will be the next collaboration between Pegg and Edgar Wright, the last flavour in their triple-Cornetto run of genre benders. Nothing much at all was known of this one so far, but Pegg has now at least given us some indication of when he’ll get to work on the film, and what kind of themes it will explore.

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