Gemini Man Clip

In just under a few weeks, director Ang Lee and two Will Smiths will attempt to liven up the fall box office with Gemini Man. The sci-fi action flick finds Smith as aged expert assassin Henry Brogan, who suddenly finds himself targeted by another younger, gifted killer who always seems to be one step ahead of him. That killer just so happens to be a younger clone of himself, and a new Gemini Man clip shows just how efficient and lethal this clone can be – especially with a motorcycle. Read More »

Will Smith to Star in Nicky Barnes Mafia Movie

Will Smith has fought the scum of the universe, a spider-loving paraplegic from the wild west, a horde of vampires, a swarm of robots, and in a few weeks, he’ll be fighting himself in Gemini Man. But soon enough he’ll take on some rival crime syndicates as the boss of one of the most notorious mobs in New York City.

Netflix has landed Will Smith to star in The Council, a movie based on the true story of Nicky Barnes, the boss of a crime syndicate made up of seven black men who ruled Harlem in the 1970s and 1980s thanks to revolutionizing the drug dealing game by partnering with Italian mafia. Find out more about the Nicky Barnes mafia movie below. Read More »

brilliance movie

Will Smith is making a big return to sci-fi in a project that reunites him with screenwriter/director Akiva Goldsman, who worked with Smith on such projects as I Am Legend, I, Robot, and most recently (and maybe most notoriously), Winter’s Tale. The pair are developing a Brilliance movie, based on the sci-fi novel by Marcus Sakey which takes place in a world in which 1% of the world has been born with special powers.

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are at it yet again in Bad Boys For Life, the long-awaited third entry in the bombastic action series. Original director Michael Bay is sitting this one out, replaced by filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Will they be able to bring the appropriate level of Bayhem to this flick? Or are we in for something brand-new? Watch the Bad Boys For Life trailer below and decide for yourself.

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gemini man footage reaction

If you had the chance to talk to your younger self, what would you say? That’s the premise, more or less, of Gemini Man, the upcoming sci-fi action film starring Will Smith…and Will Smith. Smith stars as an assassin named Henry who is being hunted down by a younger clone of himself, called Junior, sent to kill him by his former employer. Ang Lee directs the film in stunning 120 frames-per-second 3D, a feat that would already be impressive if not for the cutting-edge technology used to turn Will Smith into his 23-year-old self. But before you make comparisons to the “de-aging” technology used frequently by Marvel, Lucasfilm, and other studios, Smith wants to clarify: it’s not de-aging.

“The younger character is not me,” Smith said during a filmed Q&A screened after a footage presentation of Gemini Man attended by /Film. “That is a 100 percent digital character. A completely recreated character. They didn’t take my image and just stretch some of the lines. It is a completely CGI character in the same way that the lions in The Lion King are CGI characters.”

Smith’s dual performance is highlighted in the Gemini Man footage presentation, which /Film got to attend in New York City. The presentation showed three extended clips in 60 frames-per-second 3D (a step down from 120 but still in eye-popping high definition), which painted a fuller picture of what kind of action film Gemini Man will be.

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Will Smith goes up against Will Smith in the latest Gemini Man trailer. Ang Lee helms this effects-filled action flick in which Will Smith has to fight a younger clone of himself. The premise is cool, but nothing new. The real draw here is the visual effects work, which has pulled out all the stops to create a younger-looking Will Smith. The results are impressive. Watch the Gemini Man trailer below.

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Gemini Man Featurette

What happens when your greatest enemy turns out to be yourself from 27 years ago? That’s the premise of Ang Lee‘s upcoming action thriller Gemini Man, and Will Smith is the assassin caught in the middle of it all.

The teaser trailer for Gemini Man did a good job of setting up the basic premise, something that we’ve seen play out with a variety of sci-fi concepts, ranging from time travel to clones. Now, a new Gemini Man featurette shows how they’re duplicating Will Smith and giving us a version of the actor we haven’t seen on screen since the 1990s. Will Smith plays both the 50-year old assassin Henry Brogan and Junior, the 23-year old assassin who looks just like him and just happens to have been assigned to kill him. Read More »

Wild Wild West Honest Trailer

Summer blockbuster season get a big jolt this week with the arrival of Spider-Man: Far From Home. But over at Honest Trailers, they’re celebrating blockbusters the only way they know how: by making fun of them.

Coincidentally enough, as Spider-Man returns to the box office for his second solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we take a look back at another Independence Day blockbuster involving a big screen spider. Except this movie is much hornier, lazier, and it even has its own catchy rap song. Yes, we’re talking about the Wild Wild West Honest Trailer, and boy, it’s a doozy. Read More »

spies in disguise trailer

You know what kids love? Will Smith as a super spy who gets accidentally turned into a pigeon, apparently. Spies in Disguise is an upcoming movie starring Smith and Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s Tom Holland that still baffles the mind every time that twist comes up in a trailer. But it may just be so ridiculous that it’s genius. Watch the latest Spies in Disguise trailer below.

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king richard director

King Richard, the biopic starring Will Smith as the father and coach of tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams, has served a release date and a director. The film will bounce into theaters next November, with Reinaldo Marcus Green calling the shots. The film will track how Richard Williams trained his daughters Venus and Serena to be the best tennis players in the world.

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