Wilford Brimley Dead

Wilford Brimley may best be known as the spokesperson for Quaker Oats and the face of diabetes awareness, not to mention having one of the finest mustaches and a soothing, grandfatherly voice. But he was also a gifted character actor, having appeared in movies such as Cocoon, The Thing, The Natural, and The Firm. Unfortunately, Wilford Brimley has now left this world at 85 years old. Read More »


When Disney bought Lucasfilm and unified Star Wars canon across all storytelling mediums, it created the possibility of characters introduced in the books, televisions shows and video games crossing over into the live-action big screen movies. And Star Wars Rebels producers Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni have both expressed interest in that possibility in previous interviews. But it turns out that one of the characters created for the Star Wars animated series might have already appeared in a live-action Star Wars film. Filoni talked about the possibility at the world premiere of the Star Wars Rebels season two finale (no spoilers for that episode, I promise). Learn the details after the jump.

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