White as Snow Review

The idea of White as Snow (Blanche Comme Neige) has such a charged adult fairy tale conceit. Too bad the lagging execution is disenchanting.

Once upon a time, there is young twentysomething Claire (Lou de Laâge) who lives a drab life in Geneva. She’s a servant of this wealthy hotel owner Maud (Isabelle Huppert, perfectly ice cold), and we learn later she is the latter’s stepdaughter. When Claire goes to bed, the camera lingers on her removing her clothing, insinuating she desires something, or someone, to come into contact with her bareness.

During her morning jog, Claire is abducted and taken toward the mountains to be left for dead. She doesn’t know this was orchestrated by her stepmother after the stepmother’s former lover attempted to flirt with Claire. Miraculously, a stranger (Damien Bonnard) saves her and she wakes up in the bedroom in a house dwelling near a mountain village. Now a lodger away from city life, she finds herself in no hurry to leave and starts to sexually pursue the male residents, first with her savior, then the other men.

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