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Few filmmakers working today know how to induce anxiety in their audience as masterfully as Trey Edward Shults. Even during scenes when things technically aren’t going wrong, Shults’s focus creates a palpable sense of dread. Yes, everything might be fine on screen for now…but it’s only a matter of time before some sort of Sword of Damocles drops and shatters everything, and everyone, to a million pieces.

Shults gave us the cinematic panic attack that was Krisha and the slow-burn post-apocalyptic horror-family-drama It Comes At Night. With Waves, the director has crafted his most ambitious film to date – a dizzying, weighty, heart-wrenching saga of one family disintegrating right before our eyes.

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Waves Trailer

Soon enough we’ll be heading into awards season, but before that, some prestige films are vying for acclaim at the likes of film festivals in Venice, Telluride and Toronto. One of them has been getting rave reviews after debuting in the mountains of Telluride and is already being called a breakout, must-see film of 2019.

Waves is the latest film from It Comes At Night director Trey Edward Shults, and it sounds like a heart-wrenching drama following a family (Sterling K. Brown, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Taylor Russell and Kelvin Harrison Jr.) that is one the verge of falling apart. With all the buzz on the festival circuit, A24 has released the first Waves trailer to get keep the anticipation growing for this promising indie. Read More »

waves movie

Trey Edward Shults has already made two memorable films with indie powerhouse A24: the family drama Krisha and the apocalyptic horror film It Comes at Night. Now Shults is re-teaming with A24 to tackle a new genre: the musical. Shutls’ Waves will star Lucas Hedges and Sterling K. Brown, and feature a score from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

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