watchmen dr. manhattan reveal

It’s been several days since the latest Watchmen episode, “A God Walks Into Abar,” and I still can’t believe that this series was able to top itself after the last big reveal of Will Reeves being Hooded Justice. But top itself it has, and in the most unexpected way possible.

How many of us are still trying to pick our jaws off the floor from the revelation about Dr. Manhattan’s identity? At this point, I really don’t know where the show will take us in its final two episodes, but I can only imagine how rocked we’re going to be by the number of reveals there are left in store for us. But with that said, what sense can we make from what we’ve witnessed in this episode? How does Dr. Manhattan’s appearance change anything going forward? Let me try to put my brain back together and suss out what we can glean from this monumental reveal.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - X-Men Dark Phoenix DLC

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Watchmen masks episode 3

It is fair to say that Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen has managed to surpass every expectation. The odds were truly against this show, but not only is it a poignant and relevant superhero story for 2019 that carries on the themes and plot threads of the original comic, it even adds to the established characters and canon. 

Lindelof has referred to his adaptation as a “remix,” which is fitting given that the show is both a sequel and a prequel that also mirrors the format and even the characters of the original Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel. One way the show mirrors the original is by taking a page of the graphic novel’s use of supplemental material at the end of every issue, which offered additional information about the history of the comic’s world and its characters. The show Watchmen takes this idea and updates it to 2019 via the companion site “Peteypedia”, named after FBI Agent Dale Petey, who recollects relevant information that is released after each episode airs. 

Some of this information has proven to be essential to the Watchmen experience and some is just fun facts. With that in mind, let’s look at the 10 funniest, weirdest, and maybe most relevant things you need to know about Peteypedia before the Watchmen finale airs this Sunday.

Major spoilers for the first eight episodes of Watchmen follow.

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Avengers: Endgame - Thanos Concept Art

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Watchmen and Superhero Mythology

HBO’s Watchmen may be the biggest TV surprise since Brian Fuller brought Hannibal to our homes. The show has taken what was once thought of as an “unfilmable” property and not only has it continued the story with an intriguing new mystery that carries on the themes of the original, but it has even improved upon the original graphic novel.

From the very first episode, clear parallels were drawn between a young boy named Will, and the original superhero, Superman. But where Superman stood for “truth, justice and the American way,” Watchmen has spent the last weeks showing us the dark reality behind those words. Before the final episode of the season airs, let’s explore how Watchmen is turning the entire superhero mythos on its head.

This article contains spoilers for the first season of Watchmen.

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Black Widow - Marvel Legends Figures

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Watchmen season finale trailer

“The end is nigh.”

That phrase has been used in the marketing for HBO’s Watchmen since it first began to ramp up, but now it’s true on a meta level: the final episode of the exceptional first season (and maybe even the series as a whole) airs this coming Sunday night, and HBO has dropped one last trailer to get us hyped. As if we needed any additional reasons to be excited. Read More »

Every Easter Egg in A God Walks Into Abar

It finally happened. Just like with Lost, and The Leftovers, Damon Lindelof revealed he was using the mystery and the craziness of Watchmen just to tell a sweet love story – this time between a woman and a god.

And what a love story it was, as Chris Evangelista puts it in his recap of the episode, “Watchmen becomes unstuck in time.” Though a bit lighter in easter eggs than previous episodes, there’s still some nods and references to the graphic novel. So join us, won’t you? Let’s look at all the references to the original Watchmen and more in “A God Walks Into Abar.” As always, this will be spoiler-heavy.

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watchmen a god walks into abar review

Listen: Watchmen has come unstuck in time. With its penultimate episode “A God Walks Into Abar”, Watchmen takes us to the past and the present all at once, shedding light on so many lingering questions before next week’s grand finale. Anyone hoping for an episode that catches us up with the cast of characters should take a seat: this episode, like the two before it, is heavy on flashback. In fact, the first full 40 minutes of the 1-hour episode are all flashbacks, telling us the tale of just how Angela Abar ended up in a relationship with Dr. Manhattan, and how, and why, Dr. Manhattan was in disguise all this time.

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