Vehicle 19

By now, we’ve all seen those gleefully over-the-top trailers for Fast & Furious 6 a dozen times. But did you know that that isn’t the only car-related thriller Paul Walker will be starring in this summer?

In Vehicle 19, he plays a recently paroled man who accidentally picks up the wrong rental car. That wouldn’t be such a big deal in most cases, but the previous drivers of this particular car left behind some pretty unusual contents, like a gun and a tied-up woman. The entire corrupt police force is after him, and for some reason the only way to save his name is by driving really quickly. Watch the trailer after the jump. Read More »

Paul Walker to Produce and Star in ‘Vehicle 19’

Briefly: Evidently happy being connected to starring vehicles that are oriented around, er, vehicles, Fast Five star Paul Walker has signed to exec produce and star in a film called Vehicle 19. The movie is about ” an unsuspecting traveler (Walker) in a foreign country who picks up the wrong rental car and becomes tangled in a web of corruption by the local police.”

The film is written and will be directed by South African filmmaker Mukunda Michael Dewil, whose only produced credit is the film Retribution. So that doesn’t leave us a lot to go on with knowing what to expect out of Vehicle 19 based on his previous work. The basic premise certainly makes for a solid thriller, and we’ll keep track of who else is cast. The film should go before cameras at the end of this summer, so we’ll have more soon. [THR]