Unmatched isn’t just a great board game series – it’s an excuse to play out the wildest showdowns from the depths of your geekiest daydreams. Put aside the beautiful miniatures and gorgeous card artwork. Forget about the perfectly balanced mechanics that turn each game into a nerve-wracking battle of wits and tough choices. At the end of the day, Unmatched is the board game series where King Arthur can battle Bigfoot, where Bruce Lee can take on the raptors from Jurassic Park, where Robin Hood can share some fighting words with Alice (as in Wonderland).

The latest Unmatched set (which can be played standalone or mixed with the other characters and boards) brings four new combatants to the arena. Unmatched: Cobble and Fog introduces Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, the Invisible Man, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, a welcome splash of iconic Victorian Era genre characters into an already nerdy buffet of riches. We had a chance to speak to the folks behind the game ahead of its upcoming release and we can offer a new look at the miniatures for each character, along with some stunning card art.

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