Forget about Tyler Perry and that $130 million he raked in last year. Even the man behind Madea would have to toil for almost five centuries at that rate to equal the $62 billion personal fortune amassed by Smaug. The Middle-earth dragon dominates Forbes‘ list of the 15 wealthiest charcters, followed by the likes of Carlisle Cullen, Lisbeth Salander, Tywin Lannister, and Robert Crawley.

As you might guess, the accounting doesn’t seem entirely scientific. It seems suspiciously convenient, for example, that most of the men, women, and creatures in the Top 15 come from pop culture franchises that are especially hot right now. But if you’ve ever wondered whether Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne would dominate in a pissing contest for the 1%, hit the jump for the rankings.

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/Film reader Bram R points me towards an old Uncle Scrooge comic from Disney which bares a close resemblance to the plot of Inception. Here is what Bram wrote:

Thanks to a friend I came across something rather interesting. This Donald Duck Comic Strip bares a close resemblance to the plot of Inception. The Beagle Boys have entered the mansion of Scrooge McDuck while he is asleep and set plan to invade his dream to ask him the combinations of the vault door. Could this be the comc strip Nolan has read in his childhood and has Inception based upon?

Uncle Scrooge’s The Dream Of A Lifetime! is a two part 26-page comic book published by Boom! Studios, which was released in May 2004. You can read the whole comic online for free here.