tzi ma mulan interview

Tzi Ma has become the go-to dad in countless Asian-led movies. From The Farewell to Tigertail, culminating in this year’s highly anticipated Disney remake of Mulan, there’s a warmth and world-weariness that the Hong Kong-born actor brings to films that are beginning to evolve audiences’ understanding and exposure to Asian-American culture. But despite that, Ma is not a dad himself, though he assures that as an uncle of many nieces and nephews, he’s changed many a diaper.

“I have been able to do surround myself with children growing up. So, I feel that I have a connection to them,” Ma told /Film in an interview over Zoom.

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tigertail trailer

Alan Yang has a talent for making us cry over intergenerational immigrant stories. The Master of None co-creator co-wrote with Aziz Ansari the Netflix series’ acclaimed episode “Parents,” which sped through the entire lives of two pairs of immigrant parents, capturing their small joys and big sacrifices they made for the American dream. Now Yang is making his feature directorial debut with Tigertail, which stars Tzi Ma as a fictionalized version of Yang’s own father as he charts a young Taiwanese factory worker’s journey to America to old age, as he grapples with his many regrets. Watch the Tigertail trailer below.

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