Robin's Wish Review

It’s been over six years since beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63. Every year since his death, fans have continually paid tribute to one of the quickest wits and most colorful characters that comedy has ever seen. But a shadow always seemed to linger as there was no clear or definitive explanation as to why the actor took his own life. Though reports swirled of depression, continued battles with substance abuse, and even financial woes, a new documentary sets the record straight on what it was that took Robin Williams away from us.

Robin’s Wish recounts the final months and days of Robin Williams as he battled with an undiagnosed, deadly neurodegenerative disorder known as diffuse Lewy body disease. Director Tylor Norwood has assembled a portrait of Williams’ declining health by way of intimate interviews with his widow Susan Schneider Williams, fellow comedians and collaborators, some of Robin’s closest and longtime friends, and the the couple’s neighbors in Marin County, California. It’s a heartbreaking glimpse into the mental and emotional collapse that Williams endured without having any idea why. Read More »