Tron 2 Budget Debunked, Camera Tech Revealed

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As suspected, the Vancouver Sun’s report that Tron 2‘s budget “carries a whopping $300 million budget” was way overblown. As a company policy, Disney won’t comment on the actual budget numbers, but sources admit that the number is not close to $300 million, even in Canadian dollars.

The above photo (via roya ) features Benjamin Button Director of Photography Claudio Miranda shooting a scene in downtown Vancouver, which is a stand in for New York City (notice the NYC yellow cab). To the right you’ll see a photo of one of the costumed female actresses or extras on set. Unfortunately, the blanket is covering most of her costume. I have also found some technical information about the film, for those of you who might be interested. The movie is being shot in digital 3D using Sony F-35 HD cameras. An unnamed source says:

“Miranda has challenged his crew with the task of having all the flexibility of standard 2D cameras including ambitious use of crane shots as well as Steadicam in 3D.” … “Amongst other setups we will be rigging an F-35 to a GF-8 crane and Mini-Scorpio head to get a birds eye view out over the night streets of Vancouver.”

tron new logo

Could Disney really be spending $300 million on the Tron sequel? Buried in a recently published article in the Vancouver Sun is the following paragraph:

Vancouver post-production units are salivating at the prospects presented by the Disney remake of Tron, which carries a whopping $300 million budget and opportunities aplenty for effects and digital polish. The 1982 version of the film starring Jeff Bridges blazed new trails in computer graphics and you can bet Tron 2.0 will push much further down the pixel path.

Some of you might remember that Time Magazine recently incorrectly attributed a $300+ million budget to James Cameron’s Avatar, but the studio was quick to extinguish those claims (The correct figure was “in excess of $200 million.”) So it is very possible (more than possible, likely) that the Vancouver Sun has the wrong number, but it also isn’t completely out of the question. But for now lets mark this as rumor.

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TRON Sequel Will Be Titled… TRON?

tron logo

What is the title of the Tron sequel? The original test footage that premiered at Comic Con was titled TR2N. Since there have been rumors that the film has been retitled TRON 2.0. But during the Disney presentation at ShoWest, Disney presented a new logo that just read TRON. I tried to scribble the logo design into my notebook and reproduce it quickly in photoshop. Yes, I know it doesn’t look too good, but it’s all I had time for.

They showed the same clip shown at comic con in 3D, complete with the old TR2N working logo. Principal photography doesn’t begin for a few weeks. I think consumers will be extremely confused with Disney giving the sequel the same as the original film. I can’t think of any big movie off the top of my head that has done this.  This might just be the working title for the film, who knows.

serinda swan
You can add Model/Smallville gueststar Serinda Swan to the cast of Disney’s Tron 2.0. When casting for the sequel was first announced, the Hollywood tradepapers claimed that Beau Garrett (Rise of the Silver Surfer, Made of Honor) would play a siren and Olivia Wilde (House, The O.C.) would play a worker in the virtual world who tries to help fight Master Control Program. Later in an interview with Sci-Fi, Wilde claimed that the leaked character description was not that accurate:  “I don’t know who made it up. Someone’s grasping for straws there.” But Swan confirms part of the earlier description while talking to TV Guide:

“Yeah. Beau Garrett, these two other actresses and I play temptresses from inside the computer world. We’re sort of the main guy’s go-to girls. There are lights actually sewn into our wardrobe, so it’s like nothing you’ve seen before!”

I’m not sure what to think of the siren/temptresses part, but it’s always interesting to hear about some of the technology they are using to create the film. So far we know that the movie has huge sets and motion capture, incorporating some of the visual effects technology from Benjamin Button, and now… suits with lights sewn into wardrobe (which sounds a little bit like what they did with Dr. Manhattan for Watchmen). Thanks to /Film reader Mark W for the tip.

Last week we reported that Daft Punk would be providing the musical score for Tron 2.0. /Film reader Andrew sent over this fan made trailer for the original Tron that incorporates the music of Daft Punk. It take a little while to get going, but I think its worth watching, if only for its popculture flashback value. Plus, there is an extreme lack of interesting news tonight… Video after the jump.
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Daft Punk Scoring the New Tron


The confirmation comes from Upcoming Film Scores and the Disney folk they checked it out with: Daft Punk have signed on to write the score to Joseph Kosinski’s new Tron movie – Tron, Tron 2.0, Tr2n, 2ron or whatever the heck it ends up being called. May I suggest Trons? Jeez. It’s gonna get a bad name no matter what.

Officially, this is Daft Punk’s first full score. This strikes my skeptical side as a little odd seeing as they starred in, directed, edited, wrote and shot Electroma. The score for that film is credited to one Stephen Baker though I’m more than a little doubtful about his existence. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Baker turns out to be a Roderick Jaynes style fabrication. Should you be reading this, Mr. Baker, please do get in touch. I’d hate to be denying credit where it’s actually due.
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Tron 2.0 Plot Details

tron poster top

AICN has gotten new details on TRON 2.0. According to a “reliable tipster” the story takes place 25 years after the original film. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has disappeared after creating some of the world’s top selling game of all time and fathering a son. ENCOM head Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) presents twenty-something-year-old Sean Flynn (possibly Garrett Hedlund?) with information that propels him on a journey to find his long lost father.

Sucked into the game, Sean is taken in by a group/program called ISOs that believe he will free them from the belligerence of a CLU character that his father created and has gone corrupt. The character looks like a younger version of Flynn (we saw him at the end of the Comic Con test footage/trailer). There’s supposedly a huge disc battle and a light cycle versus light jet duel, with both the cycle and the jet creating light walls.

I just wonder why the original Flynn is trapped inside the computer, and why he hasn’t come to the aid of the ISOs. It sounds kinda like The Matrix, but if Neo had decided that he wasn’t the one, and just went into hiding in the computer world and let Agent Smith take over. Sounds like a cool premise, and the source claims that Bridges is “embracing it”, “going all out for this role”, and that “fans will go gaa gaa.” I can’t wait.

Can’t wait to see more footage from Tron 2.0 (or TR2N… we’re still not sure the correct title)? Barry Levine revealed at the Radical Studios panel at New York Comic Con this weekend that Joseph Kosinski will return to San Diego Comic Con International this year with the film’s first official trailer.

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io9 has gotten word that Jeff Bridges has been sent up to Canada to get digitized so that the Disney can create a younger digital clone of the actor for Tron 2. According to the source, the high resolution scan picks up every little detail, and Disney will use the digital scans to make Bridges look younger in post, and even possibly implant the younger likeness on Bridges on a body double.

I’m not so sure the digital scan is for the film itself as digital scanning is also a common practice in video game development. The Los Angeles Times Tech blog reported a rumor earlier this week that Disney Interactive is also working on a new video game with the same title to accompany the 2011 film release.

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Garrett Hedlund Cast as the Lead in Tron 2.0

Disney has finally announced the lead star for their upcoming Tron sequel. Garrett Hedlund, star of such films Friday Night Lights, Eragon, Georgia Rule, and Death Sentence, beat out Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine and Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield) for the role.

Disney is keeping a tight grasp on the film’s story details and won’t even reveal the name of Garrett’s character. All that is known is that Hedlund plays a man who is sucked into the computer program and finds himself “retracing the steps of a character from the original movie named Kevin Flynn”, who was played by Jeff Bridges. Bridges has signed on to return for the sequel, as has Bruce Boxleitner. Beau Garrett and Olivia Wilde are also attached. You can read what Wilde had to say about the project in a story posted earlier today.

Discuss: What do you think of the casting of Tron 2.0 so far?

source: THR