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Hostel/Cabin Fever writer/director Eli Roth is two weeks away from finishing a script for a science-fiction action film inspired by Cloverfield and Transformers.

“This will be my first big-budget, PG-13, mass-destruction movie,” Roth revealed. “I went total chaos and pandemonium. I feel like I pushed the violence in R movies about as far as I can push it. I feel like I’m bled out. I wanna switch it up. Everyone I know has been saying ‘When are you gonna do a movie my kids can see?’ And finally, I’m gonna make a movie that 13-year-old kids can see.”

No plot details have been revealed but Roth plans to make a big announcement next month. It appears that Roth is writing this new project completely on spec, as he says he will be shopping the project to all “the big guns.”

So what will become of Trailer Trash, the project that spun off from Roth’s experiences filming the faux movie trailer Thanksgiving for Grindhouse. The R-Rated “totally silly and absurd” comedy would feature a string of fake movie trailers that would somehow have a narrative through-line. The Mike Fleiss-produced project was set up at Raw Nerve, with an original August 22nd 2008 release date announced by MGM. As far as I can tell, the film has yet to begin principal photography. Roth was also attached to direct an adaptation of the Stephen King novel Cell for Dimension Films. But this adaptation seems to have fallen into development heck.

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Video: Eli Roth Interviews Josh Brolin

Eli Roth and Josh BrolinDirector Eli Roth (Hostel, Thanksgiving) and actor Josh Brolin (Goonies, No Country For Old Men) sat down and had a conversation and MySpace shot it for their video interview feature Artists on Artists.

Josh Brolin tells the story of how he got Robert Rodriguez to shoot his audition tape for No Country, while Quentin Tarantino directed. Roth talks about his experience meeting Joel Cohan, and unleashing fanboy praise upon him. Brolin discusses his very short conversation with ‘The Brothers. They also discuss the value of test screening films. Roth talks about writing movies in long hand in public locations, advice he got from Tarantino. Roth also shares a couple of the ideas he wants to include in his upcoming film Trailer Trash. Brolin is left cracking up over some of the ideas, and verbally commits to starring in Farmageddon and Nascar Dog.

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Thanksgiving t-shirt and Poster

“Arrive hungry…leave stuffed.”

Eli Roth‘s movie trailer for a fake horror movie titled Thanksgiving was one of the most talked about parts of Grindhouse. Even the outspoken crowd of Roth-bashers seemed to like Roth’s hilarious take on the Holiday slasher flicks. Ever since Thanksgiving hit theaters, Roth has been fielding requests from fans for a feature length version of the idea. And while I’m not sure that’s a good idea (I think the trailer works because it is a series of greats slasher movie money shots, and like most great SNL sketches, wouldn’t translate to a 90+ minute movie), but Roth has promised a second helping of Thanksgiving in his upcoming Trailer Trash feature. Roth says “Why make a whole movie when you can just go film the best parts?” And I completely agree. But NECA Toys have plans to release some Thanksgiving merchandise for the interested fans.

“The first step towards turning a fake trailer into a real movie is to convince the unsuspecting public that it actually exists, and what better way to do that than with a Thanksgiving t-shirt and poster of the Dan Frisch turkey?? They will be for sale at Hot Topic,” says Roth. “We’re planning on doing more stuff, including action figures, depending on what the demand is. And who knows? It may even turn into a real movie one day…”

If you don’t live near a Hot Topic you can buy both the t-shirt and poster off the Hot Topic Website.

Eli Roth’s Trailer Trash on August 22nd 2008

Eli Roth

So many people loved Eli Roth’s fake trailer Thanksgiving (which was of course attached to Grindhouse, which you didn’t see because, well, who did… but for the record, I saw it 3 times in the theater), that Roth announced that he wanted to doa full movie of fake trailers called Trailer Trash. And today, Roth has confirmed to our friends at Bloody-Disgusting that MGM will be released the movie in theaters on August 22nd 2008. So yes, another pre-strike movie!

Trailer Trash is not a horror film, it’s a comedy. It will be very R-rated and completely insane, and I’m producing it with Mike Fleiss (who I did both “Hostel” films with), and writing it with my friends Jeff Rendell (my “Thanksgiving” co-writer, who also played The Pilgrim), Noah Belson (my co-creator on “The Rotten Fruit,”) and my brother Gabe, who’s collaborated with me on everything I’ve ever done.

I want to make a film like “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” which I consider to be the greatest achievement in the history of cinema. The best part is I get to shoot some new THANKSGIVING scenes, as well as other holiday slasher films I’ve always dreamed of making but never would because they’d completely ruin me. I can’t wait to shoot!”

Sounds good to me. I’ve always found that short form entertainment has gotten the shaft in the big theater environment. I, like many, love how Pixar has brought back showing short films before their features. And it seemed like the fake movie trailers which were attached to Grindhouse were some of the most talked about segments of the double feature. So I’m really glad to see that something like this will be given a chance.

Roth also talked about Trailer Trash during our interview back in June, saying that he has “a great way to string them together”. He mentioned a couple of the fake movie ideas he would be using: “Leap Year Massacre” where the killer only strikes every Leap Year and “Bear Witness”. And I know some people really dislike Roth’s films, but the one thing that most of you must agree that he totally nails is that creepy humor from the 1970’s and 1980’s horror films. And Trailer Trash basically sounds like 90-100 minutes of that type of humor, and horror money shots. I’m sure we can also expect some good cameos from Roth’s friends.

Eli RothLast week I went to a screening of Hostel: Part II (which I really enjoyed). Eli Roth was in attendance and did a question and answer session following the screening. It was the first time Hostel 2 was screened for the public, so Roth was relieved to see that the audience loved the film. We recorded the Q&A, and are posting it for your enjoyment. Be warned, Roth does talk about some of the film’s plot points and twists. So if you haven’t yet seen the film, you might want to shy away. Also note that their is a brief pause where our recorder stopped for 30 seconds. Luckily we didn’t miss much. Note: This is not an interview. We will return tomorrow with that.

Running Time: 34 minutes


A time-coded chapter listing can be found after the jump.

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