tommy wiseau documentary

Tommy Wiseau, the filmmaker behind the 2003 cult film The Room, has spent years dodging questions about his age and nationality – and a court has ruled that he went a step too far to protect that information.

A new report says Wiseau must pay $700,000 to the makers of a documentary about The Room because of his “oppressive and outrageous” behavior toward the directors; Wiseau didn’t like what they were going to uncover about him, so he thwarted the release of their movie, which was intended to come out in 2017 around the same time that James Franco The Disaster Artist was hitting theaters.
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big shark

Hey, what do you think Tommy Wiseau has been up to? If you guessed “Making a shark movie,” you are correct. The auteur behind The Room has revealed a look at his new movie, which is called, appropriately enough, Big Shark. The film is set in New Orleans, and focuses on three firefighters trying to save the world…from a big shark.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is all a big joke. More on Big Shark below!

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Tommy Wiseau in The Dark Knight

Back in March of this year, Tommy Wiseau put together an audition tape where he campaigned to take the role of The Joker in the then-recently announced origin movie focusing on the Batman villain. It was mostly a hilarious way to promote the new movie Best F(r)iends Vol. 1 that he made with The Room co-star Greg Sestero. Now that the movie is coming to home video, they’re digging into Batman again, but they’re really upping the ante this time.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero got together to recreate the pivotal interrogation scene from The Dark Knight. Wiseau again plays The Joker in an unsettling way while Sestero suits up as Batman, which is somehow even more goofy. It’s just something you need to see to believe. Read More »

The Disaster Artist Scene Breakdown

Yesterday Tommy Wiseau scared the hell out of us with a video of him auditioning as The Joker for no good reason at all. Now today he’s providing some insight into the accuracy of The Disaster Artist when it comes to depicting the making of his infamous independent film turned cult classic, The Room.

For Vanity Fair’s “Notes on a Scene” video series, Tommy Wiseau breaks down the rooftop scene featuring James Franco (as the eccentric Wiseau) struggling to correctly remember his lines, resulting in an embarrassing amount of takes. Wiseau’s insight on the original scene is interesting, but you also have to wonder if what he says is true. Read More »

tommy wiseau joker audition

Oh hi, Batman. It’s your worst nightmare.

The Room star/director/writer/producer is a multi-hyphenate of his own making, but Tommy Wiseau wants to add one more title to that list: Joker. The Hollywood curiosity has been repeatedly campaigning for the role in Warner Bros.’ DC movies for months. And now, he finally gets to live his dream — sort of.

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Disaster Artist clip

The Disaster Artist, James Franco‘s humorous look at the making of Tommy Wiseau‘s The Room, hits Blu-ray this week. In anticipation of the impending Blu release, we have an exclusive Disaster Artist clip featuring Franco and Wiseau seemingly trying to one-up each other with impenetrable accents. Watch the exclusive Disaster Artist clip below.

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Scary Love trailer

The Room‘s Tommy Wiseau has a new movie: Scary Love, a futuristic love story lit by neon. While Wiseau didn’t direct the film, he does star, which should instantly put this film on the must-watch lists of many people. Behold the Scary Love trailer below.

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the room on broadway

The Room refuses to die. One of the best worst movies ever made continues to flourish, thanks to a cult following and the hit comedy The Disaster Artist. Now, Tommy Wiseau, the madman/genius behind the inept flick wants to stage The Room on Broadway. Watch out, Hamilton – you’re about to have some serious competition.

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best f(r)iends trailer

When you write a tell-all memoir about your eccentric friend, relationships will inevitably become frayed. But as we saw in last year’s The Disaster Artist, Tommy Wiseau is not your typical friend. And his and Greg Sestero‘s friendship is now forever tied to the cult favorite “worst movie ever” The Room.

Wiseau and Sestero have never really been separated, having done The Room midnight screening rounds together for nearly a decade now. But they haven’t appeared in a feature film with each other since 2003. That’s all about to change with the aptly titled Best F(r)iends.

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The Room wide release

It took 14-and-a-half years, but Tommy Wiseau‘s deliriously bad cult classic The Room will finally be blessed with a wide release. Interest in Wiseau’s trashterpiece has reached a fever-pitch following the buzz around The Disaster Artist, a comedic biopic that examines the making of one of the worst films of all time. More details about The Room wide release are below. Ha ha ha, what a story, Mark.

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