Joker Back on IMAX Screens

The twisted DC Comics origin story Joker has already made $1.05 billion at the box office, but Warner Bros. Pictures appears to be making one last big push. Director Todd Phillips announced that Joker is returning to IMAX screens for one week only, starting today, giving people a chance to see Joaquin Phoenix lose his damn mind on the biggest screen possible. Read More »

Michael Mann on ‘Joker’: “I Love This Movie”

michael mann loves joker

People can’t stop talking about Joker, Todd Phillips‘ dark, violent origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime. As we head into awards season, you can expect the film to continue to be at the forefront of entertainment news as Warner Bros. pushes for awards glory. There was a private screening for the film in LA recently, and legendary director Michael Mann was supposed to be on hand to interview Phillips. Sadly, Mann couldn’t make the event due to a scheduling problem, but he was still kind enough to send along a letter singing the praises of Joker.

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Yesterday brought news that Joker director Todd Phillips was cooking up a sequel to the R-rated DC Comics movie that recently crossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office. On top of that, Phillips was said to be working on another villain origin story in the vein of Joker. But throughout the day, there were conflicting reports about whether or not any meeting between Todd Phillips and Warner Bros. studio chairman Toby Emmerich took place for either of these projects. Thankfully, Todd Phillips himself has set the record straight. Read More »

joker sequel official

Joker is a huge hit, probably headed towards several Oscar nominations, and just became the first R-rated movie to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office. That’s the kind of attention studios thrive on, and want more of. And sure enough, after weeks of speculation, it looks like a Joker sequel is officially happening. Director Todd Phillips pitched Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich on an idea to develop Joker-style origin stories for multiple DC character, and while Emmerich didn’t fully go for the idea, Phillips did get the rights to develop a film on at least one character. Meaning Phillips is now working on both a Joker sequel (which will likely bring back Joaquin Phoenix) and another Joker-influenced DC origin film.

Update: Deadline is saying THR is incorrect, and that “Multiple sources said no such October 7 meeting between Phillips and Emmerich occurred, and that Phillips hasn’t even considered overseeing other DC character films.” So who is correct here?

Update #2: Variety decided to get in on the action now, too. They say the original story is half-true: Warners is exploring a sequel with Todd Phillips, but nothing has been finalized and no scripts are currently being written. As for the report of a separate DC character origin film? That’s false, at least according to Variety. The original story continues below

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joker sequel

From the outset, Todd Phillips was determined to not direct a Joker sequel. Phillips made it clear that he only directed the wildly successful film as a standalone feature, with no plans to continue the story of the Batman rogue. But following the massive box office success of Joker, which is expected to clear $1 billion worldwide by the end of the week, Phillips may be starting to change his thinking on coming back for a Joker sequel.

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Joker Box Office Record

There was a time when everyone thought an origin movie about Batman’s arch nemesis The Joker was a bad idea. Now that director Todd Phillips has given us that movie with Joker, there are some who still stand by that judgment. But as the box office for the R-rated comic book movie starring Joaquin Phoenix has shown, audiences have been curious and captivated by this unsettling version of how the Gotham City criminal came to be. In fact, despite being limited by the R-rating, Joker has now become the most profitable comic book movie of all-time. Read More »

Zazie Beetz in Joker

One of the questions people have after watching Joker is, “What happened to Zazie Beetz‘s character?” Without spoiling anything yet, we’ll just say that her fate is left somewhat ambiguous in the final cut of the movie. But now director and co-writer Todd Phillips is coming in to provide a definitive answer about her fate.
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Joker sequel posters

Joker 2 has not yet been officially announced, but it seems like an inevitability at this point. The first film is already the most successful R-rated movie of all time, and though star Joaquin Phoenix admits that part of the attraction to making the first movie was that it was a “one-off,” he started getting sequel fever only a couple of weeks into filming.

In a recent interview, Phoenix said that he asked the on-set photographer to shoot him in character so they could mock up fake sequel posters to convince director Todd Phillips that Joker could conceivably be inserted into several different types of films. Some of the movies they chose to put Joker into are…well, let’s just say unexpected.
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joker profits

The Dark Knight‘s Joker wasn’t interested in money – he was interested in sending a message. But the new Joker is all about that sick cash. The Todd Phillips-directed film starring Joaquin Phoenix as that jeering jester has hauled in boffo box office returns, and a new projection predicts that the Joker profits are going to be similar to those of Avengers: Infinity War. Think of all the cigarettes and dance shoes Joker can buy with all that scratch!

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Joker Bathroom Scene

Director Todd Phillips and his longtime cinematographer Lawrence Sher knew their latest film, Joker, would have more eyes on it than usual. But neither expected the runaway success train it has become, winning a prestigious Venice Film Festival award, making over $740 million at the worldwide box-office, and attracting awards heat for its star, Joaquin Phoenix.

Sher, who’s an economics major with a background in still photography, has been working with Phillips since the Hangover trilogy. Before the duo’s first collaboration on that hit series, Sher shot Garden State and I Love You Man, to name just a few. This year, he played on a huge, beautiful canvas with Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and was able to make a comic book movie that’s a throwback to the ’70s and the Martin Scorsese movies that made him want to be a cinematographer in the first place. It’s a big year for Sher, who recently talked to us about some of Joker‘s most memorable sequences, working with Joaquin Phoenix, and the line between fantasy and reality in the movie.

This interview contains major spoilers for Joker.

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