Joker Bathroom Scene

Right around the time Joker hit theaters, star Joaquin Phoenix revealed that the movie had some “radical changes” to the script that took place throughout production. Now, thanks to director Todd Phillips, we have an idea of how the Joker bathroom scene in particular was changed significantly from the original script. In fact, this change made the scene infinitely better, because the original scene in question was a lot more ham-fisted than what ended up in theaters.  Read More »

joker laugh

A great comic book villain isn’t living up to his or her potential without a proper musical theme, and in the case of Joker, he gets one courtesy of composer Hildur Guðnadóttir. Her score for Joker is chillingly good and up there with the best of the genre, with an intensity matching and complimenting Joaquin Pheonix‘s performance. Again, the Emmy-winning composer behind Chernobyl elicits intense feelings of horror and uneasiness, although she laughs when people – including myself – tell her that her music has a horror quality to it. “It’s definitely very common that my music is perceived as darker than what I am feeling myself,” she told us, laughing. In her view, her music is more reflective than horrific.

Prior to Joker, Guðnadóttir has produced several albums of her own (which you should listen to on Spotify), performed cello on The Revenant and several other films all movie nerds know, and collaborated frequently with the deeply missed Johan Johansson (Arrival). After playing cello on Sicario, years later she was composing the music for its sequel, Day of Soldado. Now, she’s scored her first big comic book movie, and she told us all about her experience, her collaboration with director Todd Phillips‘, and the movie’s stunning final piece, “Call Me Joker.”

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Marc Maron response

I hope you’re not sick of Joker yet, because this movie is being bandied about as a serious Oscar contender, which means we have another four months of talking about it from several different angles – and that includes diving into hot-button comments from its cast and director.

Filmmaker Todd Phillips made waves recently by essentially claiming that “woke culture” is ruining comedy, but longtime comedian (and Joker cast member) Marc Maron strongly disagrees. Read Maron’s dismissal of Phillips’ viewpoint below.
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joker opening scene

Todd Phillips got together with the good folks at Vanity Fair to break down the opening scene of his movie Joker. The scene is our first introduction to the tormented Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), the man who will one day become Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime. Love or hate Phillips’ film, this is an interesting video and gives you a glimpse into what Phillips was going for with his ultra-dark comic book movie. Watch the Joker opening scene breakdown below.

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Only Todd Phillips Could Have Made ‘Joker’

Joker and Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips makes ugly movies. Yes, they’re comedies, but they typically have a noticeable lack of empathy and humanity. There’s not a lot of joy in his comedies, mostly misery. The Hangover movies get progressively crueler, and War Dogs and Due Date aren’t much different. He’s cold and displays an appetite for pain, and those qualities are turned up to 11 in Joker.

With Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), Phillips couldn’t have found a comic book character more attuned to his divisively morbid sensibilities. The director never would’ve been right for a superhero movie about one of “the good guys,” because his movies are hardly ever about good guys. A movie about Joker probably should look and sound like an abrasive Todd Phillips’ movie. The villain got the director he deserved, and Phillips, whose movies are largely about nothing, found a comic book character he deserved in Arthur Fleck – a man who believes in nothing.

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joker sequel possible

Joker was a smash-hit over the weekend. That would usually all-but-assure that a sequel would be in the works. But Joker isn’t your typical comic book adaptation, and star Joaquin Phoenix has tended to avoid franchises in his career. But a Joker sequel might just happen. According to Phoenix, he and director Todd Phillips had such a good time making the first movie that there are “endless” possibilities for the character.

In addition to this news, Joker co-star Brett Cullen, who plays Thomas Wayne in the flick, has some thoughts on a spoiler-heavy twist.

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Joker Wins Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award

Reading around online, it would be easy to go into into Joker with a list of talking points in your head before you had even seen the movie. Since its unprecedented win last month of the Venice Film Festival’s top prize, the latest comic book tentpole from Warner Bros. and DC Films has become highly politicized—to the point where the idea of it and what it represents is almost a separate thing from the movie itself. Film festival premieres take place in an online vacuum where larger cultural forces have not yet swept in to surround a movie and define it. On the other side of them comes the escalation (of movie opinions) that Commissioner Gordon warned about at the end of Batman Begins.

Whether it’s a case of critics comparing notes and/or the film telegraphing specific concepts, reviews of Joker have frequently invoked the same buzzwords, such as “incel” and “income inequality.” There’s a lot of hand-wringing, in negative reviews, about the movie’s lack of a clear message. Comparisons abound, across the boards, to the films of Martin Scorsese, while in the background, the shadow of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting hangs over everything.

To be clear, it’s not without good reason that some of these talking points are out there, but now Joker is in theaters and general audiences have had a chance to square their own cinema experience against the pre-release media chatter. Members of the insane clown posse that is the Internet should probably brace themselves for the backlash to the backlash. However, until such time as a #ReleaseThePhillipsCut petition materializes, let’s not forget that there’s an actual movie with Joker’s name on it to be discussed.

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Joker box office tracking v3

It’s official: people really wanted to see Joaquin Phoenix smoke cigarettes while wearing clown make-up. The Joker box office results from the weekend are in, and they’re record-breaking. Todd Phillips‘ dark, violent R-rated take on Batman’s arch-nemesis is now the winner of the largest October domestic opening ever, knocking out last year’s Venom.

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joker backlash

Joker hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but the dark, gritty comic book movie has already stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy. Many people are questioning the film’s reported violence, and showing concern that Joker is going to glorify its villainous lead character. Things got so heated that Warner Bros. actually released a letter which flat-out stated: “It is not the intention of the film, the filmmakers or the studio to hold this character up as a hero.” Now, Joker director Todd Phillips has again weighed in on the controversy, and he’s not happy about it. The filmmaker wants to know why his film seems to be being held to a higher standard than an ultra-violent action flick like John Wick. Does he have a point?

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Joker statement

For a movie about a clown, the discussions around Joker haven’t exactly been amusing lately.

Todd Phillips‘ Golden Lion-winning film has earned a fair share of hand-wringing about its depiction of the villain’s origin story, leading many to express concerns about whether it goes too far in sympathizing with its protagonist and if it could potentially even incite viewers to perpetrate violence. Now, Warner Bros. has issued a statement defending the movie, saying that it is not “an endorsement of real-world violence of any kind” and it is “not the intention” of anyone involved with the movie to “hold this character up as a hero.” Read their full Joker statement below. Read More »