Jack’s decision to let Rose take the plank at the end of Titanic was unquestionably a noble and romantic one. Unlike so many self-sacrificial heroes, however, he doesn’t go out in a blaze of glory. Instead, he huddles in the icy water and slowly freezes to death. His lady love, meanwhile, gets to sprawl out on her perch and gaze at the stars as she waits for help.

This spring’s 3D rerelease of Titanic inspired a fresh wave of grumbling from viewers convinced that Rose might’ve saved Jack, had she only been smart or generous enough to scoot over a few inches and allow Jack to board the life raft with her. Two fans even mapped out a to-scale outline of the plank and posed within it, definitively proving there was more than enough room for both to fit. But writer/director James Cameron says space was never the issue — their combined weight was. And he’s working with MythBusters to prove it.

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Here’s another one of those things that would probably be a lot more meaningful in 3D. It is a featurette in which James Cameron first explains (with as much humility as he can muster) the cultural impact of Titanic, then describes some of the process of converting the film into 3D for re-release in 2012. I’d like a lot more of the technical talk and less about how wonderful the movie is, but this will probably have to do until the special edition 3D Blu-ray arrives loaded with bells and whistles.

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James Cameron‘s Titanic remains the second biggest domestic box office hit of all time. It earned that status at a time when tickets were much cheaper and 3D wasn’t prominent. That means its $600.8 domestic gross in 1997/1998 is way more impressive than Avatar‘s $760.5 million gross in 2009/2010. As you probably know, though, Cameron has figured out a way to add those 3D dollars to his Best Picture winner by painstakingly reworking the film to pop in the third dimension. On April 6, he’ll finally release it in theaters nationwide.

The trailer for Titanic 3D has now been released but, since we don’t have 3D computer screens (yet!) it’s kind of like just watching a trailer for a movie you’ve already seen. Still, for Titanic fans, a new trailer is a significant step to once again seeing Jack and Rose fall in love amiss one of the greatest disasters in history. Check out the new trailer after the jump. Read More »

What’s the best use for post-converted 3D? If you’re James Cameron, the answer is obvious: it should be applied to bring established classic films into the 21st century. The director is planning a 3D conversion of his mega-hit Titanic to be released in 2012, on the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Asked about the conversion he has a few things to say, and suggested that another one of his films could get the 3D treatment. Read More »