Back in 2010, Elizabeth Banks was cast as the lead role in Tink, Disney’s live-action feature centered around Peter Pan’s beloved fairy sidekick Tinkerbell. At the time, we knew only that the energetic Banks seemed like perfect casting for the character, but we got a better idea of what to expect from the project when Marti Noxon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fright Night) signed on to pen the rewrite last fall. Noxon likened the film to Disney’s Enchanted, and now Banks is comparing Tink to another popular fish-out-of-water tale — Jon Favreau’s modern holiday favorite Elf. Read Banks’ comments after the jump.

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Marti Noxon‘s most recent theatrical release, Fright Night, may not have done massive business, but it certainly hasn’t hurt her. In the wake of writing Fright Night the former Buffy writer and showrunner was brought on to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by her Fright Night director Craig Gillespie, before both ended up leading the project.

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Tinkerbell has already appeared in film four times now—first in the silent 1924 version of Peter Pan; most memorably in the ’50s animated classic; later in Spielberg’s Hook, where she was played by Julia Roberts; and most recently in 2003’s Peter Pan, as portrayed by the gorgeous (and frequently clothesless) Ludivine Sagnier. But never before has the character been the star of her own theatrically-released feature.

Until now.

Elizabeth Banks will star as Tinkerbell in Tink, a live-action romantic comedy from Disney which “plays with the mischievous nature of the Tinkerbell character”. Learn more after the break. Read More »